A Whizbang Special 2-Fer Offer
(For May 2016 Only)

Dateline: 11 May 2016

The first printing of 4,000 copies of my self-published Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners is nearly gone. The second printing will be available in June. In order to clear out the remaining 1st printing copies I'm doing something I've never done before (and may never do again). I'm having a 2-fer sale... two copies of the book for the price of one.

Specifically, you can now buy two copies for $21.95, and that price includes shipping.

The second printing of the book will have no additional or updated content. The difference is that it has been edited to correct minor punctuation and grammar flaws in the first printing.

Details and an ordering button for this 2-fer sale are At This Link.

Please let your friends on social media know about this rare Whizbang offer. 

Thank you.


John D. Wheeler said...

I got my copies today. Thanks for the prompt shipping! I am so tickled to have two copies. Usually when I get a signed copy of a book I treat it very gingerly, frequently just reading it once through. Books such as yours though are the kind I like to go back to again and again for ideas. Now I have one to keep pristine and one to refer to.

Huskerbabe said...

I just ordered mine. I'm very excited as I was going to buy one for my husband for his birthday. Now I can give the extra one to my son in law!
Thank you, and I'm excited to hear you have a second printing.