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Dateline: 21 May 2016

You may recall that I am re-roofing my house, in between running the Planet Whizbang business and everything else. So I haven't been blogging much, and I'm not yet ready to return to blogging much.

My 3-year roof project has been changed to a 2-year roof project. Which means I'm doing a lot more roofing than I planned—I'm finishing the whole roof this year instead of next year. 

It will be mighty good to have it all done. Then I will tackle the work of siding and painting the areas of the house that are still, after more than 30 years, covered with tar paper. Then maybe we'll sell the place and move to town. ;-)

This might be the last re-roofing job I ever do. At 58, my body just doesn't do roofing as well as it once did. 

Anyway, I have launched a new idea and web site. It's a site to promote my Planet Whizbang business. The web site is simply titled Planet Whizbang Giveaways.

It's a simple marketing idea... 

Every two weeks I'll have a FREE giveaway of on item (or items) that fit within the category of "Down-To-Earth Books, Tools & Inspiration." 

There is an e-mail signup at the blog/web site. Plug your e-mail into the signup feature and you'll be automatically notified for each new giveaway.

Don't worry, I don't "harvest" e-mails and sell them, or send you spam mail. That's not my style.

If the idea takes off and there is a lot of interest, I may switch from a giveaway every two weeks to one every week.

I'm going to enjoy this. I hope a lot of you will also enjoy it.

The last big giveaway contest I had was back in 2010 with the Deliberate Agrarian Haiku Poetry Contest. There were some great haiku entries and I gave away a lot of humdinger prizes. 

But choosing the winners was kind of a bother. With third-party software (Rafflecopter) compiling the entries and randomly choosing winners, the process of running a giveaway is so much easier.


deborah harvey said...

one assumes that you are wearing a safety harness?

Herrick Kimball said...

Hello Deborah,

I've done a lot of roofing over the years and I've never worn a harness like I see roofers using these days. What I have now, that makes the job so much easier and safer, is several sections of very nice pipe scaffolding. I bought the scaffold last year when I started the project. My thinking was that the money I saved doing the roof myself would more than pay for the scaffold, and I could then use it for years afterwards, as well as loan to others.

Pam Baker said...

Giveaways are always fun. Everybody wins. We just celebrated nurses day/week and for once in my 27 year career, I received a gift that was worthwhile. A portable USB charger....meaning I could plug my phone or whatever into this device, which is smaller than the pocket cultivator, and recharge it on the go!!!
Very cool.
Best of luck in your new endeavor and for heaven's sake, please be safe. ;0]


Pam Baker said...

Oops...I didn't mean to say that "everyone wins". I meant to say you are happy to give something to someone which makes them happy and they are happy to receive both of you are happy...not that everyone who enters wins! Sorry if that was confusing.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Pam—

Congratulations on getting the USB charger. You're right about the happy to be giving part. And everyone who enters can have fun in the entering, even if they don't end up being an actual winner.

The next giveaway will be for DVD copies of the new documentary film, "The Market Gardener's Toolkit." I'll be giving away a DVD of this inspiring film to three winners.

Thanks for the comment.

Best wishes,

Herrick K.

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