The Market Gardener's Toolkit

Dateline: 25 May 2016

There is a documentary movie out that many readers of this blog will like. The Market Gardener's Toolkit is a tour of Jean-Martin Fortier's successful 1.5 acre market farm, which is the subject of his excellent book, The Market Gardener.

I'm giving away three copies of the DVD documentary in Planet Whizbang Giveaway #2. Click that link for more details about the movie and to watch a trailer.

If you are observant when you watch the trailer (or the whole documentary) you will see a homemade Planet Whizbang Garden Cart....

This screen shot from the movie trailer shows a Whizbang garden cart being put to good use.  If you'd like to make a cart for yourself, the plan book can be purchased HERE. An inexpensive pdf download can be purchased HERE
(click the picture to see a larger view)


Jim said...

Love my Whizbang garden cart. Besides gardening use it as a portable woodworking station. Others like it also. Have made 4 more for them.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Jim,

I'm impressed that you have made so many carts. I've used mine many times an an outdoor work station. It's truly a multipurpose tool!

Thanks for the comment.

Jim said...

Forgot to mention I can push 200 pound load around while drinking a glass of tea. Can't do that with a wheelbarrow. 😊

Pam Baker said...

Hmmm, looks like I will need to get a book! I am in the market for a new wheelbarrow. Will buy that DVD if I don't win it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

James Johnson said...

Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
Jim, if I could click on "like" for your comment about the barrow and tea, I would. I would also write, "Funny!"

Herrick, When I "shared" the trailer onto my facebook, I also added several of his quotes in the beginning paragraph, they are so meaningful. I thought it would give folks the desire to go ahead and watch the trailer.