A Diner Dream

Dateline: 14 July 2106 AD

Burger Day at the Glenside Diner

I'm sure many readers here will recall the GoFundMe campaign I launched late last year for my son and daughter-in-law. Jimmy & Bekah's Diner Dream campaign raised over $4,000, and the money was used to get my "kids" off to a good start with their Glenside Diner here in the little rural town of Moravia, NY. Many readers of this blog graciously donated to the campaign (for which I am eternally grateful). The Diner Dream became a reality on January 1st of this year. I posted some pictures and wrote about it At This Link.

Well, it has now been 6 months (and 14 days) since Jimmy & Bekah took over the operation of the diner from Bekah's parents. In retrospect, I think they would say it has been a good six months. It has certainly been a learning experience for the young couple.

They are making their monthly payments to get the place paid off, and they are keeping all the other bills paid, and I think they are managing to save a little. But, as I tell my son, don't think you're getting ahead until this year is over and you've had your taxes figured.

I well remember a year in my life, when I was self employed as a remodeling contractor. I was doing a lot of cabinet refacing jobs and making more money that I had ever made in years past. I felt so good about the measure of success I was experiencing that I decided to take my family on a vacation to New Hampshire. Marlene thinks it was 1992. Jimmy wasn't even born at that time. We had a great vacation, and we spent more money on that little trip than we ever did before.

Then, come April of the following year, I got my taxes figured. I was stunned to discover that I owed the government far more money than I ever imagined I would owe. That hurt. Bad. Had I known they were going to take so much of my hard-earned money at tax time, I never would have taken that family vacation.

The old agrarian saying is, "Don't count your chickens before they've hatched."  

"Don't count your profits until you've paid your taxes" is a modern variation.


So, anyway, things are going pretty well with the diner. It's a LOT of work to keep a diner running smoothly, and little problems of various kinds crop up continually. But I think Jimmy and Bekah are dealing with them pretty well. I'm pleased to see it. Very pleased, indeed.


Thursdays are "Burger Day" at The Glenside Diner, and today is Thursday. Marlene was helping her sister in town with some things this morning and called me to see if I would want to meet her for lunch at the diner. And so I did.

I wasn't sure how I wanted my Glenside burger "built" so I said that I would take it with every topping option. When it came to the table, I told Marlene, "You gotta get a picture of this."  

The picture she took is at the top of this page.

That burger has lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapeño peppers, mushrooms,  fried onion ringlets, pickles, and Jimmy's homemade beer mustard on it.

With a side of broccoli salad, it cost six bucks. You won't find a better burger for that price. And it was delicious.


Matt B said...

Lol, I noticed she didn't take a picture of you trying to eat that thing! That would have been a sight to see!

Good for them, I'm glad they are doing well so far. I hope they and the diner become a staple in the community. One of those places that everyone knows and loves. We have a little chicken place here in town that just about everyone goes to and take "out-of-towners" to when they visit. I hope they gain that kind of following.


Shawn Martin said...

Love that they are doing so well. I have run many restaurants during my tenure here on earth. It is one of the most fulfilling occupations there is. (Feeding people.)
But, it is a lot of hard work.

Keep up the good work, and keep us posted.

chipmunk said...

Yum, that looks GREAT! We'd probably be regulars there if we lived anywhere close.

Tucanae Services said...

Exactly HOW do you eat that thing?? But it looks down right yummy.