My Antique Chicken Feeder

Dateline: 8 August 2005

Back in Our Annual Garage Sale Safari, I told you the story of how I bought a wonderful old chicken feeder.

I have been trying to post a picture of it on this blog and have been unable to do it because my Mac is not compatible with much of Blogger and/or I'm not very compatible with computers. In any event, I think This Link will take you to the picture.

You'll notice that the feeder is all wood except for the vertical dividers where the chickens stick their heads through to feed. Those are a heavy galvanized wire. The thing on top spins around to discourage chickens from roosting. One strip of wood is missing on the spinner but can be easily replaced. Also, the spinner thing lifts right off so feed can be put into the feeder. Being so high off the ground gives chickens room to scratch around underneath.

I'm curious to know if anyone has seen a feeder like this? Do You have any idea how old it is? Was it homemade or bought? Does anyone know of an old or new book that has plans for this classic feeder?

Thanks for your help.

4 comments: said...

We had feeders similar to this in the 50s, but lower and all metal. The top was a single metal spiral offset spinner. They were abandoned in favor of the round type in the 70s. I used to be able to find them for free. Recently, I had to build one.
Bill Dunlap

Hannah (CountryGoalie) said...

That is a most fascinating chicken feeder. Ours is simply a metal pan, and elsewise, bare dirt. ;)

If you happen to come across any plans for this sort of feeder, please be sure to post about it - I'd love to see how it is designed and whether or not we could make one.

By the by, what kind of chicken is that in the picture? 'Tis adorable.

Ron said...

Come on Herrick

You're a cabinetmaker(as I am), inventer and trend leadeer. You should be able to come up with a design, maybe with some improvements. I think I have some ideas myself


Anonymous said...

oh my, I am so glad that I ran across your site. I have this same feeder in excellent shape that I found in a old barn. I didn't know what it was for a long time, some farmers figured out it must be an old chicken feeder. I'm so happy to know now.
I am going to sale mine...if anyone out there has seen one for sale can you let me know about how much it's worth and where I can sale it at. My email is
Thank you so much!