A Sabbatical Update
And Biblical Agrarianism

Dateline: 16 September 2005

Hi Everyone,

I'm still taking time off from blogging, but I am compelled to come back and let you know about some new and thought provoking Christian-Agrarian writings I've recently discovered on the internet. Here's an excerpt:

"Agrarianism [is] the only proper seedbed for Christianity. Where Christianity has existed in an Agrarian culture, it has thrived and produced ample fruit. Where it has existed nominally in a non-agrarian culture, it has produced no fruit at all except apostasy. Examples abound...."

That quote comes from Michael Bunker. He has posted two essays that I recommend to you. One is Agrarianism vs Urbanism and the other is Towards A Biblical-Agrarian Culture.

Mr. Bunkers web site, BiblicalAgrarianism.com is worth bookmarking.

As for me, in my haitus from blogging here I have managed to get a lot of work done on the house. I also purchased a nice BCS rototiller (actually a walk-behind tractor with tiller attachment) to help with my garlic planting next month (I've been gardening and growing garlic without a tiller of my own for several years now). And I've been working on the web site that I want to put together to sell my agrarian books. I have decided to name the web site, The Deliberate Agrarian (see TheDeliberateAgrarian.com) instead of "Whizbang Books," (WhizbangBooks.com) which was my original plan. Once the site is up and running I plan to return to blogging here.

For those who are first time visitors here, please be sure to check out this blog for a sampling of stories from "the best of" The Deliberate Agrarian.

Best agrarian wishes to you all,

Herrick Kimball


TNfarmgirl said...

We also purchased a BCS walk behind tractor a few years ago. We love it! Before that we did everything with hand tools - it has saved us a lot of time. I know you will enjoy yours!


Thanks for the heads up on the essays - really good! So is the site.

KSmilkmaid said...

Hi Herrick:

Great to hear from you. I just popped over here to reference one of your blog articles on my blog. We are working on a website too. I wish you knew how much your blog has impacted us. Your hand of your influence can be felt here in Kansas. Yesterday we butchered chickens on a trailer loaded with equipement designed from none other than Whiz Bang!! I vividly recounted your post on butchering many times yesterday. That really helped me prepare for what was to come. What an experience for sure. I am totally wiped out now. But, the learning experience was tremendous. We supplied enough chicken for several families to have great eating for the winter. Glad all is going well. When things calm down a bit, I will touch base with you about ordering some of your books on garlic.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Cheri,

My research into BCS convinced me it was a great machine. Thanks for verifying that. I have been thinking of getting one for several years but held off because of the cost. My little garlic powder business generated the money to buy the unit. Now I can grow MORE!

KS Milkmaid,

Thanks for your kind words. It makes me think of my favorite movie: It's a Wonderful Life. We all have opportunities to impact the lives of others (some we will never know) in a positive way. Your Blog and your family are doing this too. To God be the glory!

Dave Taylor said...

Hello Herrick,
I don't know if you knew this, but the BCS tillers can be outfitted with a sickle mower,hay rake,and a small round hay baler.In addition,one can also get riding attachments,dump trailers,and a ton of other stuff that fits them. There is a dealer in KY that carries them if interested. I find it interesting more is not readily available here as the BCS line is very extensive in EURope due to the large number of small farms there.Just thought you would like to know.
Dave Taylor from GA