Cumberland Books
2006 Catalog

Dateline: 9 May 2006

I have been anxiously awaiting my 2006 edition of the Cumberland Books catalog and I was pleased to get it in the mail yesterday!

At the top of the catalog, on the cover, are the words In Pursuit of The Good Life.
Inside the catalog, in a section titled, "Thinking About Simple Living," Rick Saenz has this to say:

"My concept of the good life is simple. It is a life devoted to raising our families, living in community, and worshiping God. Any activity that contributes to those three things should be welcomed; any activity that detracts from those three things should be questioned. As we declutter our lives by eliminating questionable activities, our lives will become both simpler and better."

Well said.

Rick's commentary and reviews throughout the catalog contribute to making it the most unique and edifying and delightful book catalog I have ever seen. I encourage all Christian agrarians—and people who want to better understand what the Christian agrarian good life is all about— to get a copy of the catalog..... and then buy some of the products!

I've purchased many books and CD's from Cumberland books over the past couple of years and I have been very pleased with everything.

Here's the link again...Cumberland Books

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Emily said...

Just ordered mine! We are book addicts here so I'm sure we'll being mailing Rick an order shortly after we receive it. Blessings to you!