Whizbang International?

Dateline: 17 May 2006

A few weeks ago I helped one of the Moravia Grange members remove the simple black-letters-on-white-background Grange sign that had been on the front of the Grange hall for so many years. Before they took it away, I measured it and used several taped-together sheets of tracing paper to copy the lettering so I can make an exact duplicate and put it back up. That will be one of my first projects once we take ownership of the old building.

Yesterday at the supper table, during our conversation, I mentioned to my family that I was thinking of not putting that sign back up. I said that since the new-to-us building was going to be the new international headquarters of Whizbang Books, I figured I might better put a sign up that said in big lettersWhizbang International.

To my surprise, all three boys responded immediatly with a collective “Oh no!” and they made it clear that they did not think that was a good idea.

I was just kidding.


Speaking of Whizbang Books, there have been several more reviews of my newest book by internet bloggers and I want to acknowledge them here with my sincere thanks.

Jeremy Able over at the blog Living Among Mysteries wrote this review. I’d like to point out that Jeremy’s review is the first negative one I’ve received—but it is only mildly negative and very well done. Thank you Jeremy!

Scott Terry at Homesteader Life posted this fine review.

Tom Scepaniak at Northern Farmer wrote favorably of the book inthis blog.

JFC at The Aspiring Agrarian wrotethis review. JFC also mentions Christine Martin’s suggestion that I build a Whizbang Chicken Pot Pie machine and write a how-to book on the subject. I’ll add that to my “to-do” list. I love chicken pot pies!

Lisa Barthuly at Our Little Homestead wrote this review.

Thank you again everyone. Your kind words mean a lot as I endeavor to get this little book of mine noticed by more people.


By the way, I’ve been asked if my book will be available at amazon.com, as are all my other books. The answer is no. I hope to find a network of smaller booksellers on the internet and elsewhere to market it and bypass the big marketers like amazon. That is my plan for at least the first year.

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