Marlene in The Garden

Dateline: 20 June 2006

A few days ago, Marlene and I were working in the garden together. I was hoeing and weeding and Marlene was planting more tomatoes. It was a beautiful, peaceful afternoon, and as I stopped to gaze upon my wife working away at her task, it occurred to me that I should take a few pictures....

This first picture of Marlene with the shovel is looking into the west. It is late in the day. The sun is setting behind the trees. Our house is in the background. We are actually planting on my neighbor’s land.

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Here’s a view looking east. The mowed field beyond the garden was cut by yours truly with my scythe. We will pasture our chickens there (they come this week) instead of in our front lawn as we’ve done in past years. My neighbor’s house is at the top of the hill. It is the only house in sight from our property. The field across the road is planted to wheat. Behind Marlene in the garden is my garlic. The greenery in front of her is onions, which are doing well. At the end of the onions, I’ve planted the Giant Red Mangle Beets that David Taylor sent me.

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Marlene is sitting down on the job in this photo. The white material on the ground behind her is Agribon shadecloth & insect barrier that I bought from Johnny’s Seeds. I put it over a double row of greenbeans to keep the rabbits from making a meal of them. I’ve seen the rabbits from our bedroom window upstairs in the house. The day after this photo was taken, James shotgunned a rabbit up there. The Agribon is reusable. Beyond the garlic, you can see a fence line of grapes. The grapes are on our property line. On the other side of the grapes is more garden.

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Marci said...

I guess you already know that you are truly blessed with a wife like yours. I am glad you enjoy doing things together. Gardening is much more fun for me when my husband, Michael is out there with me.

I like your idea from yesterday. I still have a list of people around here who want to see my DVD, so it will be awhile for it to come available, but if your list gets really long, we would gladly share.

Thanks for sharing our family website. It has been an ongoing work in progress for many years.

Scott Holtzman said...

Thanks Herrick, we really enjoyed the photos. Looks like you have a health crop of garlic going there. I have the mangled beets planted now as well, so I hope to see how they fare for this winters feed. A lot of experiments and experiences going on this year. Faithful in a little.... I always say, or in my own words "It may not be allot, but it's enough!"


Kimberly said...