ACRES of Hope America: A Christian Agrarian Ministry

A couple blogs back, I wrote about The Elder Agrarian: C.F. Marley. It was Mr. Marley who introduced me to the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, an organization devoted to encouraging rural family life and sustainable stewardship of the land. I asked the question: ”Can someone tell me of a comparable Protestant organization?” Well, someone did.

When I got home from work this afternoon there was a phone message for me from Barry Morgan who told me about a ministry called Acres of Hope America. Please go to the web site now and see what it is about. You will notice the site is under construction. That’s because Acres of Hope America is a fledgling ministry. But it is, I believe, a ministry with a God-inspired calling.

I say that because this evening I spoke with Mr. Morgan. He and his wife, Lynne, have, after much prayer, started the Acres of Hope America ministry, and Barry is currently working at it full time. My impression of Mr. Morgan is that he is a sincere and capable man with a Christian agrarian vision for localized rural renewal, that he has a lot of practical ideas to help make such renewal a reality, and, most importantly, I sense that the Lord is going to bless this unique ministry.

Fact is, after talking to Mr. Morgan, I’m downright excited about this non-denominational but solidly Christian-agrarian ministry, and I hope to be giving you more details about it in the future.

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