New Christian-Agrarian Bloggers

New Agrarian Bloggers

Agrarian bloggers come and agrarian bloggers go. Sometimes they go away for good. Sometimes they take a little break (as I’m currently doing). And sometimes they just change their location on the internet. That said, I’ve too-long neglected to update my list of agrarian blogger links (over on the right side of this page). But that has now been remedied.

I encourage you to check out some of the new agrarian bloggers I’ve added. Here are some specific links…

A Process Driven Life

An Emergent Agrarian

Granny Miller

Acres of Hope

Ante Family Agrarians


First Farmer Institute

Tabletop Homestead


Jo said...


Not sure I've ever commented before, but I've been lurking on your blog awhile and it's good to see you back posting again.

Thanks for the agrarian blogger links--it's always exciting to find other like-minded folks.

Terry said...


Thank you for graciously mentioning my blog and for pointing us all to other like-minded souls.

nagol5 said...

Thank you so much for mentioning our new agrarian blog. Also for telling us some others to check out. Thanks again, The Antes

Granny Miller said...


Thanks for linking to my blog.
I'm taking a break from blogging until after Easter.
All the best to you & yours.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi jo-
Thanks for letting me know you are out there. That is encouraging to me.

You're welcome. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Hello The Antes-
Believe me, it's my pleasure to tell others about your blog.

Granny Miller-
I look forward to your return to blogging after Easter. I hope I make it back here before that.