Faith, Family & Stewarding The Land...

Allen Shropshire and his family live on six acres in southern Idaho. The Shropshires homeschool, homestead and have a "multi-generational vision for faith, family, and stewarding the land." As of January first of this year Allen has entered into the world of Christian agrarian blogging.

I just discovered Promised Land this morning after finding it linked to at Scott Terry's blog. When I clicked on the link I found Allen's most recent blog titled Way to go Herrick!. Wow, that was a surprise. I thought I was going to find a blog about the demise of a hometown church and I see my name "emblazoned" across the top of the page.

Well, the article I intended to see is also there, as are a few others, and they are all very good reading. I recommend Promised Land to you. And it is my pleasure to add it to this site's list of agrarian bloggers.

Welcome, Allen Shropshire and family, to the Christian agrarian blogging community.

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