Old Farm Almanacs For March

My pet project this year is my newest blog Old Farm Almanacs. Here is a sampling of postings I've made there for this month of March:

Farmers Are Lords of Creation: 1864
A Christian-agrarian statement from 144 years ago!

Questioning Progress: 1867
"We tunnel the mountains, net the continents with railways, and stretch our telegraph wires under the ocean, but are we any better men and women, any truer worshippers of God..."

Feeding Horses: 1875
"Here is a table for horse feed given by a Conecticut clergyman, after careful estimates and experiments..."

March & Mars, The God of War: 1851
Here's an anti-war statement like you've never seen before.

Dealing With Udder Inflamation: 1865
Learn how farmers managed without antibiotics

Take Your Work by the Forelock: 1859
It's March. Get to work!

Get Ready For Spring Work: 1867
There is plenty to do on the farm come March.

Questioning Creation in 1878
Dr. Tyndall is amazed with creation, but confused about origins. It is Darwin's legacy.

Picking Rocks: 1882
March is a great time to get the rocks out of your fields.

Economical Habits & Christian Virtue: 1865
Here's a fine little sermon from a "secular" publication of the day.

The Woodlot in March: 1856
"Hark! ‘tis the woodsman’s axe...."

Riches & Happiness: 1845
"Riches take away more happiness than they bestow...."

Wisdom For Raising Children: 1850
The advice is timeless.

Selections From March "Farmer's Calendar" Essays
"Keep up courage, winter is nearly gone...."

More Selections From March "Farmer's Calendar" Essays
"There is no other month like this. Cold, sleet, rain, snow, and sunshine. But we must make the best of it...."

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