And The Winner Is....

Dateline: 2 August 2008

It is time to announce the winner of the Peterson Coppertop Bluebird House Contest (Click Here for contest details and a picture of the Peterson). First, the contestants were as follows:

MG...Tacoma, WA
RS...Seattle, WA
AK...Beulah, MO
JK...Red Lake Falls, MN
PM...Sanbornville, NH
SM...Windsor, MA
CF...Williamsburg, MA
MH...Hampden, ME
RO...Woodlyn, PA
CB...Thief River Falls, MN
JK...Akley, MN
GT...newport, TN
KB...Kendall, WI
GR...Boyne City, MI
DH...Secor, IL
RLR...Logan, OH
T&SS...Union, SC
JS...Ashland, PA
WK...Willisburg, KY
ML...Shannon, IL
JD...Bristol, TN
RM...Bison, KS
MS...Neenah, WI
DL...Greenbay, WI
BP...Lacey, WA
BW...Finlayson, MN
AH...Williamsville, MO
RA...Norfolk, MA
RM...Brookfield, VT
TM...Voluntown, CT
SC...Newbury, VT
SR...Jefferson, TX
KD...Truman, MN
TC...Leoma, TN
BC...Columbia, KY
JT...Albuquerque, NM
JS...Crescent, OK
DS...Colorado Springs, CO
RW...Equinunk, PA
DE...Fort Valley, PA

Some of those folks bought more than one Whizbang book from me and their name was entered more than once in the drawing. In all, there were 56 names in the hat.

That hat is my own Amish hat that we got on our vacation to Lancaster PA last year. I enlisted my son James to draw the winner. The location of the drawing was our back yard. James's brother Robert held the hat aloft. I assure you that James thoroughly scrambled the contents before picking the winner.

As per my instructions to James, he drew a single slip of paper with the winning name on it. I told him to have an excited and surprised look for the picture.

And the winner is...

Congratulations William in Kentucky. I will be mailing your Peterson Coppertop to you this week. I hope there are bluebirds in Kentucky. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest. I wish you could have all been winners.

One more thing...

After the official drawing was over, James said he should have done the drawing with his BillyBob teeth. Oh, what a grand idea! I suggested that we do a reenactment. This is how it turned out. What a good sport you are James!


Rachel said...

Congrats William! Be sure and submit a pic of it proudly displayed in your yard. We took the kids to Lancaster yesterday. Only about an hour's trip from our home. The kids got to do a 2 hour Maize Maze and drank homemade (Amish made) rootbeer. A fun time was had by all.
Thanks for the contest Herrick. It's good to see you blogging again. And as for your "interview"... compared to our land of suburbia you are considered a farmer by our standards :o)

Barb said...

and where can I get such a lovely hat so far away from Amish country in Colorado?

Bill said...

Hello Herrick, Thanks for the wonderful bird house! We mounted it on a t-post by our side field and it looks great. I have a wonderful picture to share but not sure how to get it to you. I have enjoyed your book and look forward to making my chicken plucker as soon as I collect the parts and find the time. Best Regards