Whizbang Garden Cart Entries for 2008

As some of you know, I developed plans for a Whizbang Garden Cart and published them in the book, Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Garden Cart. Since publishing the book I have sponsored a garden cart contest each year. The contest is simple: build a cart, take some pictures, provide some feedback, and you’re officially entered. The deadline for this year's contest is December first. This year’s winners will be drawn on January first of next year. If you have made a cart and not entered it in this year’s contest, you still have a few days. Otherwise, you can start thinking about next year.

Building your own Whizbang cart would be a fine winter project. And the cart will certainly come in handy next year with your garden, yard, or farm chores. I was especially pleased to read what a recent entrant, David Larson, of Connecticut wrote me:
”I must congratulate you on creating the finest set of plans I have ever seen.”
And it warmed my hear when a woman named Dana Buckley, down in North Carolina, wrote:
”Thanks for writing such great, easy to follow instructions! It wasn't hard to build at all."
Better yet was to see pictures of the Whizbang cart hard at work on Bantry Bay Farm in New Brunswick, Canada.

You can see photos of these contest entries and read the commentary by going to The Whizbang Garden Cart Blog.

Here’s a little tip: “scratch & dent” copies of the book are on sale for the rest of this year. Get Sale Details Here

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