Pigs Get Slaughtered

Mr. Deshais had sawed through the pigs' skull. The brain cavity opened like the halves of a walnut, revealing an organ not much larger than a potato.

"When I was a boy," he recalled, handing me the slimy glop, "the kids always got to eat the brain. Tell Madame Bonner to cook it with a little olive oil and onions. It is delicious, probably the best part."
As I've noted here in the past, I enjoy reading Bill Bonner's Daily Reckoning newsletter. In a recent installment, he described the killing and butchering of a pig on his farm in France. It is an interesting read.

You can read about it at THIS LINK (The article begins down the page a short way).

And that reminds me of a previous essay I posted here titled How To Butcher A Hog. It's a good skill to know.

If you eat pork, you really should consider raising your own, or not eating it any more at all. I say that because I recently watched an amazing YouTube clip about a woman who got a brain worm from eating pork. The clip shows the neurosurgeon and the surgery.

And he says he's seeing a lot of this!

Brain Worms From Storebought Pork


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The Pilgrim Pundit said...

And here we thought that Scott Terry was going to be the next post on Hog Butchering. Thanks,..er...kinda for that video of the surgery. My wife just loves the idea of cookin' up the market bacon today!