I’m Going Back To Bits

My plate is full these days. The Whizbang Apple Grinder & Cider Press Book will soon be in print (you can still buy a reduced price copy before the end of this month). I need to finish the book’s web site at www.WhizbangCider.com. I need to put a press release together and send sample copies to numerous magazines and book buyers. I will try marketing this book to several home-brew suppliers too.

Besides that, I’m cramming to bring my next Whizbang product to market before spring and good weather arrives and the garden beckons me. The new Whizbang product will be revealed in all its down-to-earth glory at www.PlanetWhizbang.com.

I am very excited about the cider book and the Planet Whizbang. Both products will enable people to provide more and better food for themselves and their families. This is particularly important as the economy worsens.

Many people are very concerned about the uncertainties of the future. The most practical advice I can offer is what I am doing myself.... Grow as much of your own food as possible. Learn to preserve the harvest. Stock up. Invest in tools that will help you achieve these goals. That productive, responsible, prudent action will benefit you and your family no matter what happens with the economy.

Personally, I foresee the possibility that I may not have a job a year from now. I’m not fretting about it, but I’m also not totally ignoring this possibility. That said, I know from past experience that it takes a long time for new products I come up with to start bringing in some money and pay for the initial investment of time and money. I’m investing a fair amount (from my relatively humble financial perspective) in the Planet Whizbang tool idea. I think a lot of gardeners will see the value of having and using the tool. Stay tuned.

With my time so short lately, and spring coming, and the subject of growing food prominently in my thinking, I’ve decided to post a series of “Little Bits.” I did this last month when I was cramming to finish my cider press book. This time will be a little different. This time I will post a series of “Gardening Bits” gleaned from one of my favorite gardening books. The Gardening Bits series begins tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this little series. Small bites is a great way to learn.


Greenfingers said...


I do agree. I'm also looking forward for the cider book since it's building my temptation to plant one in my garden. Just hold on. I hope you can make it til you print the book and publish it. :) We're all waiting! God Bless!

Daisyblend said...

A "press" release? No pun intended? =)