The Truth About
Morrisville College's Wheel Hoe

On the morning of April 20, 2011 I posted a lengthy article to this Web page in response to three newspaper articles that were published here in central New York state about a wheel hoe that was being made and sold by Morrisville State College students. I was very disappointed in those articles because they made it sound as if the college had engineered and created the wheel hoe design they were selling. In fact, they were selling a slightly-modified version of my Planet Whizbang wheel hoe.

Well, it is now the evening of the 22nd (three days later) and I have removed my article along with all the reader comments. In place of it all I offer THIS LINK, which will take you to an article in the Oneida Dispatch newspaper. The article does a decent job of presenting the matter and giving both sides of the short-lived "wheel hoe brouhaha."

Thank you to all who commented on the original article here. Your words of support, encouragement, and advice were appreciated, as were the e-mails that I understand some of you sent to the college.

Herrick Kimball

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Al said...


I just read the post here for the first time and then went to the newspaper article at the link.

They made at least one very serious error in the article. They called you an "amateur" inventor. I looked the word up. You're no amateur.

You, sir, are a pro and a can-do builder, in addition to being an inventor.