God Speed The Plough

Dateline: 18 May 2013

I have long realized that a lot of very nice folks read this blog. One evidence of this is that several readers have sent me gifts. Such is the case with the mug shown in the picture above (and below).

This unusual agrarian-themed piece was sent to me by Roberta M. from Wisconsin. Roberta collects "God Speed The Plough" china. She wasn't sure if I'd like the mug, but as a long-time reader she knew I would appreciate the verse. Well, I am delighted to have both. Thank you Roberta!

You can click the pictures to see an enlarged view. The verse on the back says:

Let the wealthy and great
Roll in splendor and state
I envy them not, I declare it
I eat my own lamb
My own chickens and ham
I shear my own fleece and I wear it
I have lawns, I have bowers
I have fruits, I have flowers
The lark is my morning alarmed
So jolly boys now
Heres God Speed The Plough
Long life and success to the farmer

Near as I can tell, the mug was made in England in the early 1900s. Here are pictures of some other "Farmer's Arms" or "God Speed The Plough" china...

cider tankard


Anonymous said...

Awesome, what a wonderful gift and treasure.

Anonymous said...

Saute them in butter at high heat with a sprinkle of garlic and salt and a dash of white wine near the end to deglace the pan. Along side crusted grouse you cannot find a finer meal.

You're a lucky duck, Herrick. I spent the afternoon looking in my woods after 10 days of rain - no such luck.

kmgray@gmail.com said...

my father drank his morning coffee from a big cup with this poem on it and he read it to us every day...he was not a farmer but a savvy scotsman who never wasted anything and had great respect for men and women who devised ways to do or make what they needed. His ancestors were clipper ship designers and builders in Dundee.His father who immigrated to the US tried life as a cowboy but ended up in the treasurer's office of Quaker Oats in Chicago.

I hope that I can find such a cup to use and hand down to my descendents.

Katherine Martin Gray