Jersey Cabbage

Dateline: 11 May 2013

I have recently learned about the giant cabbages grown on the island of Jersey. The cabbages grow very tall, as the picture above shows. In years past, the cabbages were an important part of the island's agricultural economy. Leaves were stripped off and fed to cows or sheep. The dried stalks were used to make walking sticks.

This Link explains more about Jersey cabbages. 

This Link provides some more historical perspective and growing advice.

This Link takes you to the web page of some folks in Jersey who make cabbage walking sticks. They also sell seeds. 

I couldn't resist ordering a packet.


Anonymous said...

J.L. Hudson Seedsmsn, in California, used to sell seeds of "Walking Stick Kale". Maybe still do.


Sean L. said...

I lived in the neighbouring Island of Guernsey fro 15 years, the joke was that the crapauds (the Jersey folks, patpsi slang for Toads) ate cow cabbage with their potatoes. I now grow giant kale in Ireland, not as warm as Jersey, but I still get 2 inch stems and pants 6 foot high. A friend visited from south Africa and she rcognised it as Kaffir Cabbage.