The Books Are Shipped!

Dateline: 17 June 2013

This morning I took all the pre-ordered copies of The Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners to the Moravia, N.Y. (my hometown) post office. My son and I offloaded the lot of them at the loading dock in back and I told him I wish I had brought my camera. He informed me that he could take a picture with his phone, and proceeded to do so. Isn't modern technology great?

Now the National Security Agency (NSA) can put this picture in their all-seeing databank.

I don't usually take the daily mail-order shipments to the post office. Ricky, the mailman stops at my house every day. He's a great guy and seems to have a good attitude about picking up all the mail I put out for him (some days it's over a hundred pounds of packages). But I didn't think he would appreciate picking up all those books.  

My son says I look like a cowboy gunslinger, ready to draw, in the picture. Well, that's funny. I'm even bow-legged like an old cowboy. But I'm much too fresh-faced and happy for being a cowboy gunslinger.

I actually drew for the last three days, though not with a gun (note to NSA... I said NOT with a gun.... relax). I drew "garden chicken portraits." One for each pre-sold book copy, to go with my signature. It's a little something different, and kind of special, for the almost-300 pre-sold books that shipped out this morning.

Notice the big smile on my face. I'm smiling because I'll not be drawing any more "garden chicken portraits." And all those books are on the way......

Thanks again to all of you who bought copies of the book.


Kevin and Beth said...

I can't wait! To think my book is sitting at your feet soon to be in my mailbox and then myhands! So excited. I tried to comment the other day but I don't think it went thru... I made a couple of garden baskets like yours and I can't wait to see what I should have done . Thanks for all the great inspiration.-Beth

Glenda said...

Wonderful! I've been anticipating the arrival of the book. Looking forward to reading it and trying some of the ideas you share! We planted our garlic according to your specs...and it looks great! Thanks for sharing your garden ideas and wisdom. God's blessings on you and yours. -Dave and Glenda

Anonymous said...

Great to hear! Good work!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Herrick!
I've just received my Whizbang book and wanted to say awesome and thank you! It should prove to be very helpful as I try to make something grow in the White Mountains of AZ.
Thank you again from a long time lurker and garden chicken admirer,
Debbie H

Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant to say, Hello Mr. Kimball! Has that ever happen before? :-)
Thanks again,
Deb H

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks everyone.

Yes, Deb, that happens all the time. No problem. I appreciate the book feedback.