An Excellent
Tick-Removal Tool

Dateline: 25 July 2013

Blood-swollen tick on a TRIX lasso pen (click to see an enlarged view)

Deer ticks are something of a scourge around these parts, and of great concern because they are carriers of Lyme disease. I've never had a tick on me but we have a friend who gets ticks practically every time she goes into her garden. 

Removing a tick is something of a challenge because the wicked little creature attaches itself by means of a barbed hypostome....

Tick hypostome (photo link)

If you try to pull the tick straight out, the barbs dig in. If you pull hard enough the tick will often separate, leaving the hypostome in the skin. That's not a good thing at all.

Another close-up view of the tick and hypostome (photo link)

I did some research on tic removal methods and tools and came to the conclusion that the TRIX Lasso Pen is the most intelligent and effective way to remove a tick. I bought two of them last year—one for my family and one for our tick-attracting friend. I bought them from 

The lasso goes over the ticks head, then tightens. To remove the tick, you twist the pen and lift away the tick. The barbs in the hypostome can't resist the unscrewing motion, like they do a straight pulling motion. See what I mean by an intelligent tool?

Our friend has removed many ticks (even very tiny ones) with the TRIX lasso pen and she says it works perfectly. The tick in the picture above was in one of our cat's ears. It twisted right out with no problem.

I think every family living in an area where ticks abound should have one of these excellent tools on hand at all times.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. We live in TN and ticks abound. I forget where we learned this, but it works every time. You take one of those round cotton pads (used for washing your face), put some soap on it (liquid hand soap is fine), place it directly on the tick and rub firmly in a counter-clockwise direction, keeping pressure on the tick the whole time. After about 20 or 30 times the tick comes right off entirely intact. Hope this helps.

An At Home Daughter said...

The last couple of years we have had dog ticks in our pasture. Our LGD's got them on them so we experimented with tea tree oil on a cotton ball, and that worked pretty good. Then my Mom discovered if she put some wasp spray on a q-tip and applied it to the tick, it killed it instantly.
So thats an option for killing those disgusting critters.