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Dateline: 2 July 2013

Sean Tounn filming a scene for his documentary, "Beyond Off Grid." (click here for the photo link and a good article about the movie)

"Beyond Off Grid is a documentary that explores why one should strive to live independently of the modern control grid, and how this can be accomplished. The modern way of living, with all its conveniences and comforts, is not resilient to calamity and not conducive to spiritual blessings. True freedom is found in seeking the old paths. By exposing the weaknesses of the modern financial, transportation, and food production systems, and bringing to light the solutions that are available by learning the older way of doing things, this film seeks to inspire folks to a greater degree of self sufficiency while trusting God."

(from the Beyond Off Grid web site)


That sounds like a Christian-agrarian film project to me and I'm kind of excited to see how this movie turns out. Fact is, yesterday I perused the film's web site at length and decided to help support its production costs with a donation. 

A donation of $25 or more gets you a DVD copy of the film when it's done. It also gives you the fine feeling that comes with supporting a worthwhile project. 

Please take a few minutes to check out this independent film project and consider supporting it with a donation.

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