Laurie Neverman Has
Reviewed My New Book At
Common Sense Homesteading

Dateline: 28 July 2013

Laurie Neverman

Laurie Neverman, The Common Sense Woman, has posted A Great Review of my Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners at her remarkable blog/web site, Common Sense Homesteading. She is also having a book give-away contest that you can enter. 

I was not familiar with Common Sense Homesteading until after I published my book and started searching the internet for high-readership blogs that feature useful information about gardening. I selected several such bloggers and wrote them, asking if I could send a copy of the book for possible review (I made it clear they were under no obligation to review the book on their blog). Only three bloggers responded to my offer. Two—Jane Bryan and Laurie Neverman—have now reviewed the book. And both are now on  my special-people list. :-)

After spending some time at Common Sense Homesteading, I can see why it's a high-readership blog. Simply stated, it's loaded with useful, down-to-earth, common sense information about living a more self-reliant lifestyle. Empowering and inspiring are also words I would use to describe the web site.

While I blog my scattered ruminations here at The Deliberate Agrarian, and many of them are lost in the unorganized lump of past years' posts, Laurie's blog is a paragon of focus and organization. Proof of this can be found in her blog's Table of Contents page (which should not be confused with the Contents page). 

Go to either or both of those links and you will discover an encyclopedic volume of useful and interesting essays. You can easily spend a few hours perusing through the information, and it will be a few hours well spent. I am inspired by Laurie's example, and think I will endeavor to create a Table of Contents page for my blog.... one of these days.

I must confess that, after seeing what a great job Laurie has done with her blog, I felt a little humbled (which is actually  a good thing to feel), but I was encouraged when I read her post titled, Confessions of a Messy GardenerIt so happens that Laurie doesn't present herself as a picture-perfect "rockstar" blogger-gardener-homesteader, like some garden-blog personalities do, and I find that to be another endearing aspect of her web site.

By the way, unlike every other garden book writer in the world, I've been known to have a messy garden too, especially around about the end of July when the weeds here in central New York state go into desperate hyper-growth, and I find myself more focused on other projects. But I also confess to harvesting a lot of wholesome, homegrown food from my garden, despite its late-season shabby look. 

Laurie Neverman has also published a book, and it's only right that I mention it, especially since it may be helpful to a lot of people who are having health problems. Common Sense Health came about after Laurie was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, a hypothyroid disorder. The doctor offered a pharmaceutical solution, but Laurie pursued a diet and lifestyle approach, and it has done wonders. 

In closing, I'd just like to say a big "Thank you" to Laurie Neverman at Common Sense Homesteading for reviewing my new book, and for posting a review at The Book's Amazon Web Page

Also, for the record, if anyone out there writes a gardening or homesteading book (especially if it's self-published) and wants me to review it, I'll be glad to do so.


Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

Thanks for the link to another great site. I'm glad she had a great review for your book. I was pleased you pointed out her book on health. I've been lacking energy and ummphh... all this week and was thinking I needed to start some research into this. Hope your good review leads to lots of sales!

shannon templeton said...

Herrick..... I like your web site and look forward to reading your posts.... you should not change a thing about it....