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Dateline: 2 September 20123

Something amazing has happened! Yesterday I blogged here about The Agrarian Foundation and the Christian-agrarian writings of David E. Rockett. I said I had permission to republish his essays but I would have to take the time to type them out. Then, Chad Butler, a longtime reader of this blog, sent me an e-mail with links to the Agrarian Foundation's web site at the "Internet Archive Wayback Machine." 

And there they were. All I had to do was copy and paste. I decided the writings needed their own home and I have spent the last couple of hours creating The Agrarian Foundation Article Archive.

Thanks Chad! 

Thanks David Rockett! 

Check it out everyone!

The Agrarian Foundation Article Archive



Kevin and Beth said...

Herrick, I want to email you but the link on your "contact me" button doesn't work. Is there a way to send you a message? Thanks, Beth

Herrick Kimball said...

The Midland Agrarian said...

Thanks Herrick!
I remember encountering this website and those excellent essays years ago. This is timely as I am presently pondering the theological foundations of agrarianism.

Seems to me that there is a real possibility that agrarianism may uniquely flow naturally from Christianity. while other approaches to political economy must be reconciled into Christianity.


Richard Grossman

I have really enjoyed your new book, but have not had a chance to review it yet on my blog. Sorry

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Richard,

Be sure to read The Biblical Basis of Christian Agrarianism by Howard King.

Also, I see that two audio readings by Howard King are stil available at Scott Terry's blog. Click Here

Anonymous said...

Wow - 1228 page views! This blog has a lot of quiet readers. (Which is fine.) Great resource - Thanks Herrick,