The Planet Whizbang
2014 Tomato Grow-Up

Dateline: 8 January 2014

Trellised tomatoes in my 2013 garden.
(click picture for larger view)

It is a bitterly cold January here in upstate New York, and much of the rest of North America is colder than usual. So what better time to think about next year's garden! 

It is with warm weather and gardening in mind that I'm announcing  the First Annual Planet Whizbang Tomato Grow-Up (click the link). It's a contest (of sorts) and everyone who enters will be a winner.

2014 is the year you will enjoy the best crop of eating tomatoes you have ever grown. I'll show you how to make a deluxe tomato grow-up trellis (that will last you for years) and you can get a tomato grow-up seed kit from Planet Whizbang for only $2.75.

This is the 2014 Tomato Grow-Up seed kit,
available at

The Tomato Grow-Up is an online community gardening project. I'm hoping a lot of you will be inspired to participate and share your experiences.

Check out the 2014 Tomato Grow-Up web site at the link above.

Think spring. Think summer. Think tomatoes!

P.S. Please tell your gardening friends on Facebook and online discussion groups about this Tomato Grow-Up. Thanks.


jon c. said...

I'm in! when can we order?

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Jon,


Just go to the web site. On the right side bar you'll see a picture of the seed kit. Click the picture. An order button is on that page.