Filling The Wood Box

Dateline: 15 March 2014

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We have burned though more firewood than usual this year, and the pile is getting low. There will be enough to heat our house for the rest of the winter, but I will have to cut up some dead trees to get fuel for making maple syrup.

Our woodpile is right beside our house. We fill Our Yeoman Woodbox by handing wood from outside, through a window, to someone inside. It doesn't take long to fill the box and it will last a few days before it needs to be filled again.

Earlier this week I was handing wood through the window to Marlene and my grandson, Futureman, was outside with me. I realized it was a good opportunity to put him to work. 

Futureman knows the routine from standing on the couch by the window as we've loaded the wood box many times through the winter. And if I had a small piece of firewood I would hand it through the window to him to give to Marlene. But this day was his first time outdoors.

It takes longer to get the woodbox filled when Futureman is helping, but that's beside the point. My grandson is learning to do important, necessary work at less than two years old. 

By the way, that Carhart coat was his father's when he was Futureman's age.


Mamma Bear said...

Futureman is precious! My grandson thought it was fun to help until he got older and knows it is a chore now. Unfortunately he lives in two worlds. One in the city with his Mom and a few weekends a month with us on the homestead.

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

Your grandson is adorable, and what a wonderful opportunity for Futureman to be able to learn to do meaningful chores at an early age.

And we're out of firewood, too. Seems the extra cold weather meant the wood went faster this year.


S Lee

Gorges Smythe said...

Quality clothes don't wear out easily. Good work habits don't either.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading you for a few years now and just wanted to say my grandson wears the same boots :). I found them at the local semi-annual children's clothing consignment sale. I feel such a kinship with you and Marlene. I, too am blessed to spend a good deal of time with my grandchildren. Keep on writing for us! Jennifer in western NC

Susan Humeston said...

Futureman is absolutely adorable. The first picture with his little innocent face turned up toward you with the piece of wood in his hands is a picture worth framing and hanging.

Julie said...

My husband and I giggled at the last picture. It looks like Futureman is kissing the wood.

Ryan in Ontario said...

It is amazing to me how after raising our daughter to be involved in all the home tasks how she has 'chosen' some of them as her own and often, at 6 years of age, will do them without even being asked.

I truly believe even young kids want to be involved but we've been trained to do things the most efficient way possible, to be the most productive and wage worthy employees. We cripple our kids with this mentality, making them more dependent on others to provide for them now, and later in life.

Herrick Kimball said...

Such nice comments.
Thank you, everyone.