Futureman & Grampie
Makin' Selfies

Dateline: 10 March 2014

Are you old enough to remember those photo booths that used to take black & white pictures? Back when I was a kid, it was a pretty special thing to sit in the booth, with the curtain closed, have four pictures taken, then wait with anticipation while the mechanism inside developed them. Those old "selfies" were my inspiration for having some fun with Futureman, my nearly-two-years-old grandson…

When you see me post pictures of my grandson and me together on this blog, you are getting a peek into one of the great joys of my life. But there is another, more important, purpose to this. I could drop dead tomorrow. Futureman could go off with his parents to live somewhere else. We don't know what the future will bring. But, Lord willing, Futureman will grow up (the growing up happens fast). And, assuming that the internet and Blogger keep on keeping on, the pictures will be here for Futureman to see.


Gorges Smythe said...

That will make some memories.

Anonymous said...

You two are so darn cute together. I love futureman's many different looks. So precious.

Old Orchard Farm said...

I like the title of "Futureman". but don't you think "Futurehusbandman" would be good as well? :)
I have a five year old grandson and a three year old grandaughter.
Did you ever dream grandchildren could be such a blessing?

Herrick Kimball said...


I think having grandchildren is like having children in that you can't fully understand it until you've experienced it for yourself. Future husbandman? That sounds fine, but it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily. Thanks for the comment.