A Great New Idea

Dateline: 6 March 2014

Andy Rooney

I’m an idea guy. I’m always thinking of little entrepreneurial ideas. I haven’t had any really big entrepreneurial idea since I invented granola bars when I was 17 years old. But you can keep the bills paid and save for a rainy day if you can dream up enough little entrepreneurial ideas (and put them into motion). I know this from real-life experience.

Of course, not every little entrepreneurial idea that an entrepreneurial-minded person comes up with is a winner. Not hardly. Some ideas are just plain silly. Nevertheless, it’s fun to consider them, especially when we all know that silly often translates to a lot of sales. The most classic example of this would be Gary Dahl, who  made millions of dollars back in the 1970’s selling Pet Rocks. 

Personally, I try not to get too carried away when it comes to new ideas for my Planet Whizbang home business. Planet Whizbang is, admittedly, a whimsical name, but the ideas and products I sell must fit into the company tagline: Down-to-earth books, tools and inspiration. My soon-to-be-launched newest product will be a little different, but it fits the tagline perfectly.

Well, anyway, for now, right here in this blog post, I want to give a great new idea to anyone “out there” who is looking for a great new entrepreneurial idea. I’ve even got a working name for the product idea (it can certainly be changed) and I have an excellent marketing tagline.

The idea I’m about to give you is a sure winner, or so it seems to me. It legitimately solves a problem. It’s fun. It's simple. And no one has yet, as far as I know, developed this product. In the weeks and months ahead, I won’t be surprised to see this new product on the market. When you see it, you can smile to yourself and know that the genesis of the idea was this here little blog post. And if you have the problem this product solves, you’ll surely want to buy yourself some.

The Idea....

I call it Rooney Wax. It’s named after the famous curmudgeon journalist Andy Rooney. But I also like the name, Grandpa Jack’s Smart Wax, for no other reason than it’s kind of catchy (don’t you think?).

Rooney Wax is for men with bushy eyebrows. It is a beeswax-based formulation much like Honest Amish Original Beard Wax(“All Natural and Organic”), which, thanks to my son, James, I have been recently introduced to. 

The tagline for Rooney Wax is...

It tames the unruly eyebrows of manly men

The parenthetical sub-tagline would be

(Works on beards and moustaches too!)

Now, I know that a lot of women read this blog and  many of you know how relatively easy it is to make herbal beeswax-based salves. It would be no problem at all for you to develop a Rooney Wax recipe. 

Yes, I truly believe there is an enormous untapped need for this product and if you come up with a nice formulation (there are moustache wax recipes on the internet), it will sell. Once a man uses it, he’s going to keep using it.... and buy more from you when he runs out. Rooney Wax could be the foundation of not only a family business, but a multi-generational family dynasty.

Word of your Rooney Wax will spread quickly, especially if, like so many women, you have a Facebook page with a few friends. Everyone knows men who could use this product, especially older men. You can use the Blogger blog format to create a totally free web site for Rooney Wax (like I’ve done with all my Whizbang products). 

I can see it now.... You will soon be selling so many little tins of Rooney Wax for $12.95 (which you should be able to make for less than $3) that you will soon need a production facility to handle the demand. The media will be interviewing you. Retail and online resellers all over the world will be contacting you for wholesale pricing.

Yep. That’s pretty much how I predict this idea will go for you. Rooney Wax. If I didn’t have so many ideas in the works these days, I’d be mixing up a batch of Rooney Wax myself. 


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Andy Rooney in 1978


Anonymous said...

I'll bet it would work well for womyn too, who have been using chapstick for mustache waxing.


Herrick Kimball said...

Hmmm. Great idea. Rooney Wax in a convenient "chapstick" container for the pocket and quick touch-ups. Perhaps that would be the best way to market it, instead of the tin.

I have 40 pounds of beeswax in my shop right now that I was going to use to make "Planet Whizbang Hoe Handle Rub." But that's one project I never got off the ground.

Hoe handle rub, or Rooney Wax? There are all kinds of opportunities for creativity…..