Cliven Bundy
& Naboth's Field

Dateline: 12 April 2014

I hope you are following the story of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his battle against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which is stealing his cattle and taking away the grazing and water rights to the land his family has ranched since the 1870’s. This is a significant story for rural, and freedom-loving Americans.

The mainstream media is portraying Mr. Bundy as nothing more than a scofflaw who has not paid his grazing fees to the BLM in 20 years, and now owes nearly a million dollars. But, as usual, there is so much more to this story than is being reported. This is a matter of Nevada state’s rights and land theft by the federal government. Mr. Bundy has said that he will pay any fees he owes to his county or the state of Nevada. He is not resisting the federal government’s stealing of his family’s rights to use the land because of some fees. Principled men do not put their life on the line over money alone.

One of the best sources of information on this story can be found at Prison Planet. Reporter David Knight is on the ground at the Bundy Ranch. Prison Planet is an alternative news source that I check daily. 

One organization that is standing in support of the Bundy family is Oath Keepers. You can read their full statement about this dispute At This Link. Here are a couple of quotes from the Oath Keepers statement:

This is not about cattle.  This is about power, and the trampling of rights.  It’s about a systemic power grab and abuse of power by the federal government as it runs roughshod over the rights of honest, hard-working rural Americans and over the rights of all the Western states.  This is not an isolated incident.  It is but the latest in a long train of abuses aimed at subjecting rural Americans to absolute despotism while destroying the property rights, economy, and independence of the rural West, in particular, and eventually wiping out all of rural America.  
Unless We the People begin to take a meaningful stand now, in full support of our patriotic state public servants who are willing to lead us, the domestic enemies of the Constitution will not stop until the West is a land of ghost towns, devoid of people, and we are all crammed into city slums, totally dependent and weak, with no protection of our rights, like third-world urbanized peons under the arbitrary and capricious control of corrupt dictators. 

That last sentence gets right to the point, and it is an important point.


This situation reminds me of the story of Naboth’s Field, found in 1 Kings 21...

Ahab, the King of Israel, coveted Noboth’s grape field. He tried to buy it but Naboth would not sell his field. Naboth said, “I will not give you what I have received from my fathers.”

The family land was more important to Naboth than money. He would not sell at any price, just as Cliven Bundy’s land rights came to him from his fathers, and he has refused to sell his rights to it.

Land rights are no small matter in the Bible. Ahab the king could not just take the land he wanted. So he pouted over it and he got the land through the subterfuge of his wife, Jezebel. She arranged to have Naboth falsely accused for a crime he never committed, and Naboth was put to death. Once Naboth was dead, Ahab was able to get the land.

Our Federal government is Ahab. The federal courts, judicial bureaucracy, BLM and FBI, along with the mainstream propaganda media are acting as Jezebel, destroying an honest, hardworking rancher in order to acquire his land rights. 

The Bundy family, I should add, are peace-loving people. They are not militia people and they are not looking for violence. But they are resisting tyranny, plain and simple.

This wickedness by our federal government is, I believe, on par with the wickedness of Ahab and Jezebel. It should not be overlooked.

If you have an interest in this situation, the very least you can do is fire off an e-mail to the County Sheriff and the governor of Nevada, both of whom can step in and stop the federal government from perpetrating their immorality on not only the Cliven Bundy family, but all Americans.

Sheriff Gillespie:

Governor Sandoval: Click Here 


Gorges Smythe said...

Emailed both.

Graham Donahue said...

I hadn't thought of the similarity between these two situations, I am glad you brough them up.

Brenda Tremblay said...

The same wicked violations of property rights are happening here in Canada, too! The statement by the Oath Keepers describes exactly the goal of the U.N.'s Agenda 21. Do your research on that, folks.

Herrick, what a great comparison to the Biblical account of Naboth's field. I just found out about Mr. Bundy's situation this morning from an online friend, and then saw your story in my email inbox. I am praying about this.

Michael Warwick said...

It seems to be over for now. The Feds back down. What will they try next?

Herrick Kimball said...

Wow, this story has played out in an amazing and good way. I'm waiting to see the film footage of the standoff and the BLM backing down. Excellent coverage is at Prison Planet. This particular battle goes to the American people, and I see it as a significant victory, but the war against property rights by an overgrown government will continue.

timfromohio said...

I'm not sure what the truth is in regards to Mr. Bundy's land rights. He may well have been in the right or the wrong - claims have been presented to support both with no links to any hard evidence or documentation from either side (at least that I've seen). However, it was abundantly clear that there was way more to this than concerns over a desert turtle or back grazing fees - rest assured, some politicians were getting pockets lined by somebody and there was/is an ulterior motive. What really bothers me is level of hypocrisy here - government won't enforce border law but will have militarized police line up against this guy? Not a single bankster has faced charges after misuse of bailout funds, evidence of market manipulation, etc. but they'll rob this guy of his assets (cattle)? Ridiculous. Part of me wonders if events like this aren't planned as test cases to gauge public reaction.

Anonymous said...

Thank God it ended well . . . for now! However, if there's power and money at stake, we'd all be committing a very grave error in thinking there won't be other battles. Yes, we need to pray, be willing to put up the necessary legal arguments, but, in the end, there may well need to be a credible show of force, as there was here. Might does NOT make Right; however, Right often needs Might in order to prevail. If it was right for our ancestors during the War for Independence from Great Britain, why wouldn't it be right now?

BTW, as a vet, I couldn't help feeling good about seeing photos of so many who were doubtless veterans themselves, committed to truly ". . . support[ing] and defend[ing] the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. [emphasis added]." God bless them, and may their numbers increase as more and more awaken to the truth and seriousness of the threat that resides in a lawless government.

David Smith

Herrick Kimball said...

Great comments. Thanks everyone.

deborah harvey said...

finally got the email thru. had trouble with it.
i don't think we can ever get the Constitution back unless God intervenes.
the heart of the nation, its people, is corrupt.
we are a shell of our former selves.
politics is always filthy but the core of the people were at least a bit godly and gave some service to Him.
only the Holy Spirit can save us and only if more than a handful ask Him,
maybe we are destined to go down as all other nations have, with godliness a forgotten part of our history.
deb harvey

roger u said...

This fiasco is irritating to me because neither side is trying to fully explain the situation; the fed doesn't want Chinese industry interests exposed and the Tea Party/militias just want to stir up anger. As far as I can tell, the Bundys are grazing on fed property and have been since 1870. Nevada was admitted to the unioin in 1864 with this in it's constitution:

"That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States."

So, the fed has a free hand in managing this land in Nevada.

A second thing I have found is this similar case from the 90s

That the fed gov wants us crammed into cities is a given. That the fed gov is an enemy of the people and history of the US is also a given. In this case, though, I think they have the legal right to bar the Bundys from grazing cattle, of course they could have handled it more respectfully.

The bad guys, it seems, are on the side of the law. What I see coming, if its not already here, is a situation where the good guys don't respect the law anymore because its been weaponised against them. That's when things will get ugly.
Rough ride ahead.