Deliberate Agrarian
Snippet #7

Bean-Picking Stools

Dateline: 20 April 2014

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My grandson had his second birthday last week. I made him the stool pictured above, with his name carved in the top (see Snippet #6). I made the other stool as a gift for a good friend's granddaughter. These stools are my own design. I made two of them over 20 years ago. One was a gift for my nephew (he still has it).  We kept the other one and it is now known as "Marlene's bean-picking stool." She used it one year to sit on while picking green beans and it has been utilized in the garden ever since. I've also used it as a mini workbench a couple of times. So it's worn and beaten, but as solid and functional as the day it was made.

Side view and end view
of the bean-picking stool


Daniel Truax said...

The stools look great. Next time look up "Kerning" before you do another, it will make them even better. I read a lot of your material and have one of your books. I have studied and made some hand painted signs. Next time you are bored and on the the internet look up Kerning. It will make your letter spacing a lot better. Thank you for your help, God speed...

Margie Clyde said...

I am enjoying your 'snippets' very much! And I need one of these stools for bean pickin'!...maybe I will even try my hand at carving, too!