Deliberate Agrarian
Snippet #9

Redeeming The Dirt

Dateline: 22 April 2014

Noah Sanders, author of the book, Born Again Farming, and the blog, Redeeming The Dirt, is organizing a conference for Christian farmers, gardeners and agrarians. It'll be in Alabama, August 7-9. The main speaker will be Brian Oldreive, from Zimbabwe, founder of Foundations For Farming. Mr. Oldreive is a remarkable man, and the unique story of the Foundations For Farming ministry is powerfully encouraging. Alabama is too far for me to travel. Otherwise, I would be there. If you have the time and ability to get to this conference, I'm sure it will be a good time and a blessing. Click Here for details from Noah's blog.


Cynthia (C.L) Lewis said...

I follow Noah's blog. I would like to send my husband down to this so much but while the actual conference isn't unaffordable the travel to get there is. We just can't do it. I'll have to suggest they record what they can and offer it for sale when all is said and done.

Sharon said...

He sounds really good. But, he lost me when he started talking about the fear of global warming. Did I misunderstand? Any Bible student knows that is an untruth. (Genesis 8:22)And, what of tilling? So much is said, not just here, but many (what I'd call) natural farmers are against tilling. Seems he is as well. But, the Bible says a LOT about tilling the land. So, does he ignore this? I'm not against this man, and I'm not saying I agree with tilling as the best way of farming. I'm just wondering how he talks of farming from the Bible, and doesn't like tilling and speaks of global warming. Now, if he wants to talk of the success and the blessing of his way of farming, that's another thing, but what he says doesn't seem to agree with what he's saying.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Sharon,

If you look into the Foundations For Farming web site you will see that they are doing an amazing job of teaching impoverished people and communities around the world how to sustainably provide for themselves, without being dependent on government and charity. I'm pretty sure that global warming is not a big part of their message, or that it is much of an incentive for what they are doing. I can easily overlook differences of opinion about the global warming issue and matters of tillage when I see the fruit of this ministry played out in the lives of people who are largely helpless and hopeless because of the poverty they are in. Unlike so many other ministries, FfF is providing a proven plan for helping these people help themselves.

I have posted This You Tube Clip here in the past and it shows the results of the FfF way of farming. I also have the FfF dvd series that explains their whole ministry and farming approach. This is one of few Christian ministries that I feel very good about supporting.

Thanks for your comment.

Sharon said...

O, I agree really. I did say that he was successful and a blessing (kind of a side-ways remark, I guess) in my last sentence. In fact, I have a friend in Tennessee whom I've written to see if she'd like for me to pick her up as I travel from Arkansas. It's about a nine hour trip for me, and about six more after picking her up. We have three teenagers to tag along with us. I do really look forward to it.

Sharon said...

O, and yes, I did see that clip you mentioned in your comment, Herrick. Wonderful video. In fact, when I saw the clip at the end of your post today, I thought of the other one and wondered if it was with the same group. I was and still am quite amazed. I do want to see where the farming God's way comes in, though. Like raw vegan eating (some say it's God's way of eating), I had to see what they meant by not eating animal products was God's way. Now I do. I just want to listen and understand.

Thoughts At My Back Door said...

Mr. Kimball,

Have you read any G.K. Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc, or Vincent McNabb?

Have a happy Easter,

Joshua Mincher

Herrick Kimball said...


Yes, I've read a little of each and about each. I blogged about Flee To The Fields and the Catholic Land Movement some years ago. And I've written about distributism numerous times. Do you have any good web site or article recommendations by any of them?

Best wishes,

Herrick Kimball

Anonymous said...

The passage you shared in Genesis has nothing to do with Climate Change or the lack of it even remotely. As far as tillage, that term means many things from hoeing around your plants to deep plowing with heavy equipment. The few passages in the Bible on tillage refer to a stirring of the soil rather than a gross upheaval of it.