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Dateline: 13 September 2014

My first YouTube movie, Four-Day Carrots, which I put online exactly two months ago, now has over 25,000 views. That… is... crazy. 

Speaking of carrots, I enjoyed watching this following video of a man in the UK who grows large parsnips and carrots for show. His "stump" carrots are "absolutely bloody bonkers."


On a more serious note, if you have investments with a brokerage firm, you better listen to the following interview with Boston University professor Lawrence Kotlikoff. The American financial system is breaking down and smart, honest, hard-working people who thought they were putting their money in sound, reliable investments are now discovering otherwise. Even if you don't have a brokerage account, you should listen to what this man has to say. It is a symptom of a much bigger problem.


Joel Salatin fans will appreciate two recent YouTube interviews with Joel. Here is the first one…


 With the 13th anniversary of 9/11 in mind, I recommend the following discussion. Why are 9/11 "truthers" so concerned about pointing out the lies and finding out the truth about 9/11? This discussion answers that question. 


Precious few Americans understand the value of gold and silver. Mark Dice has proved this many times over by producing several videos showing him trying to sell gold and silver coins to people on the street for ridiculously low prices. In the following video he attempts to sell an American silver dollar for a dollar.


Reformation Heritage has been working for several years to produce a King James study bible from a Reformed perspective. This is something new and it will be available next month. I'm going to get one.


I have been putting some effort into learning the names of God. His names reveal His character. For example, Jehova-Sabaoth means the Lord Almighty, the Lord of Hosts, or The Lord of Armies. So one day I did a YouTube search on the subject and came up with this…


Mike R. said...

Good morning Herrick. Mark Dice always makes me laugh. He points out how ridiculously ignorant people really are in this day in age. I think most people are good people. I honestly believe that. It's just when it comes to important issues they would rather spend there time in a fantasy football league than in reality. They actually do the "head in the sand bit". Almost like they think if they don't know it can't hurt them. Considering we just passed 9/11, I'' touch on that.

The debunkers, poo pooers, trendies love to make fun of people who believe the truth behind 9/11. The thing these folks can't understand is that it's not one thing alone that proves a false flag, it's MANY. I MEAN MANY! The simple fact is this, ten years ago I was telling people that the NSA records everything and knows exactly what we are all doing, not that they care most of the time, but they know. People thought I was crazy, they labeled me, even my own brother. Let me tell you I felt vindicated the day Snowden came out. People literally came back to me and said, "I remember you telling me that years ago." Well, this government is the same government that told you we are not spying on you. The fact is, they will keep lying until the bitter end. They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin for over 30 years.

Have a good day! Thanks for the blog! It's extremely helpful.

Mike R. said...

Just want to share a documentary with whomever is interested.

A very clear picture of what's really going on.

Mike R. said...


Also just want to point out, this was before Bin Laden was "killed". Even though witnesses in Pakistan said that the man who lived in the compound was not Osama, and curiously enough 26 Navy Seals involved in the operation were killed in a helicopter downing. Convenient for their story to say the least.

Herrick Kimball said...


Thanks for the link. I will listen to the documentary this week. If anyone else has some good YouTube clips for me to listen to while I'm working in my shop, please post the link or send me an e-mail.

SheilaG said...

The name of the guy who is in the carrot video is Dan, and this link is his wins for this year, he took 1st place in one and a few more awards. This link if from Sean's channel, he's in England too.
I have a lot of "Prepper" friends on Youtube, but most preppers don't like being called preppers because of what TV did to the name "prepper" when they made fools out of some serious SELF SUFFICIENT people on Youtube.
Some of the best teachers around are "preppers" on youtube. You can learn canning, gardening and the list goes on forever.
Most that I know have been at this for many, many years, and I have watched so many go from having nothing, to having friends that are off the grid, have learned to grow enough food to never have to buy from a store again, to being so prepared that they are now helping hundreds become that way too.
Youtube is a community that is outstanding.
Having 25,000 hits is standard in our community, and they really do get involved, and support other "preppers" all the way.
When a good video shows up, and it can help with a real problem, say in growing something, it goes to thousands and thousands of Youtubers in seconds.
It was our communities that shook up venders because when a product of a "Self Sufficient" went on youtube the companies sold out in a matter of hours.
We created a back order of "Rocket Stoves" that lasted for months, we put dehydrated foods back on the map, and Latter Day Saints had to triple their online supplies for us.
Thousands of subscribers can do a lot for someone that is in business online too. Most Preppers have several thousand subs.
Sorry for going on, but the Youtube "Prepper" community is power, but honest, serious, but fun, God fearing, and not so God fearing, generous like no other, and pray for one another too.
Just like sharing here, it's good that we can take what we think is important, and talk it over, and share it.

I loved your videos, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for the blog! It's extremely helpful."
Second that and thanks for your idea book, very helpful. Used your carrot technique of placing boards over the carrots and got five day carrots. Like the board technique much better, not nearly as tedious.

RonC said...

This one is interesting. I ran across it when I was trying to listen to the Lawrence Kotlikoff video:

We'll soon know if he knows what he is talking about at least. There are a lot of people that think we'll get a lot of warning because there is nothing that can compete with the dollar as the world's reserve currency. This one explains how that could change overnight.

James said...

Herrick, you (and your readers) might want to check out the reputation of Chris Duane. I'll just say, he's not "above reproach".

Herrick Kimball said...

Ron C—
I listened to that one (I listen to all the USA Watchdog interviews). It was interesting, and he might be right. But there are"expert" opinions are all over the place these days. I'm open to the possibility that the American dollar (and the American economy) will survive for a few more years. But we will not see real prosperity, and it will eventually fall apart.

I did a Google search. Thanks for the heads-up. Caveat emptor, eh? The only person I've ever recommended when it comes to buying or selling precious metals is Franklin Sanders.

Joni said...

Hi Herrick,

I am a new subscriber to your blog and I am so enjoying reading your articles. You mentioned you are studying the names of God. An excellent book on this is "Hallowed Be Thy Names" by David Wilkerson.
This book changed my life. It is a book I read over and over. It's truly a blessing.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Joni,

Thanks for the book recommendation. Sounds very good. I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Herrick (and others),

I just wanted to point out what I believe to be a great fallacy of gold and silver as post-collapse funds. Yes, as a hedge they may be fine but in the event of a global collapse (and it will be if America goes) there will certainly be a global reorganization of currency and trade mediums. America is already losing the confidence of many major countries and many more (perhaps all) are too tied to us to protest. In the wake of a global event, these concerns will be swept aside along with the urgency such a crisis commands.

First, precious metal have always had value because there was a place to buy and sell. If your country became untenable, you liquidated your holdings, bought gold and moved. In your new country, you sold the gold for liquid capital and restarted your life. In the brave new world, there will be nowhere to go.

Secondly, a conduit always exist between the black market and the above ground market. A legitimate make of sugar or gas or shoes has losses due to defect or theft or accounting and this is where the black market gains trade articles. These goods, in turn, are exchanged for a liquid medium that can purchase goods in the above ground market like TP or toothpaste or sirloin steak. The point is, a viable exchange tool must exist for the black market to function. If all such currency is abandoned and only electronic credits are sanctioned, what would we do with tons of turnips and nowhere to trade for baby shoes? The trade articles must transfer from the consumer to the black market supplier and then to the above ground market.

Third. Precious metals will be denied for the population at large. Like FDR in the early thirties, the gubmint cannot manipulate things unless all avenues of alternative economies are shut down. Communist countries frequently kill such traffickers.

In summation, where, oh where, will you trade your coins when the final blow comes? Perhaps some bartering can be done with those hoping for a long-term return to gold or silver, but even then, how do you but small articles with a silver dollar? Shave it or cut off a piece of eight? The entire world of counterfeiting and the history of metal fraud rears its head.

No, this will not do.

Perhaps I am wrong but it seems to me that the only avenue left is the ability to barter for commodities you make or produce or skill sets you possess. Those items that are wholly owned and controlled seem the last, true resort of those fearful of the dollars collapse.

Pray that those days do not come.