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Dateline: 5 December 2014

Classic American clothespins.

My plan was to return to blogging here December 1st (last Monday). But Monday was the day I put this year's production run of Classic American clothespins up for sale, and the response blew me away. I've never had so many orders roll in so fast. I took the order buttons down seven hours later and have been intensely focused ever since, trying to get all the orders filled.

As of this evening, I am caught up, and tomorrow morning at 7:30 am eastern time I will put the order buttons back up. I have around 500 finished clothespins left to sell and a few dozen assemble-them-yourself kits. 

After this 2014 clothespin experience is behind me, I will return to blogging here. My approach will be to do what I've always done…. discuss things that I'm doing and subjects that interest me. However, I will be making a conscious effort to keep my posts short. I have less time to write than ever before, and I'll bet you have less time to read. So this should work out pretty well.

And I plan to publish a blog post 3 or 4 days a week.

Stay tuned for Deliberate Agrarian Lite.


Gorges Smythe said...

I've noticed that it's my shortest posts that get the most comments. I assume that's because fewer folks read the long ones.

Herrick Kimball said...


It makes sense. Brevity will be something of a challenge for me.

Nina Mefford said...

I would rather brevity than absence any day!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear of your success with the clothespins, and look forward to your posts.

Pam Baker said...

Clothespins arrived today! Thank you very much. They blow away the others I have. Truly exceptional workmanship. Too bad I have no children to pass them on to. Maybe some neighbors or cousins!
Thanks so much.
Whatever tidbits you can share will always be welcomed. I can't wait to grow carrots this spring using your method. This was the first year I've ever been successful growing carrots. I got 35 pounds from a 15 foot row. I don't know if that is good or bad in terms of other organic gardeners but for me it's awesome. I got free potato sprouts from a local CSA that had too many and from 15 pounds of those came 100 pounds of red potatoes. I would have had more of each but lost some to a critter eating the tops or everything but potato skin. Really bizarre to dig up just a potato skin or the bottom half of a carrot.
Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Pam Baker

chipmunk said...

Sounds like the clothespin work was a good problem to have!