Make Your Own Clothespins
(My Newest Web Site)

3 January 2015

Screen shot of the new web site

Today I put the finishing touches on my newest web site— This new web site is an important step towards my goal of helping to bring the manufacture of high-quality, traditional-style clothespins back to America. 

As I've stated here in the past, I don't want to have a big clothespin manufacturing company of my own. Instead, I want to develop a network of independent artisan clothespin makers, which I will be a part of.

If you have woodworking experience, and would like to make some heirloom-quality clothespins, as a personal project to give as gifts, you will appreciate the web site.  

And if you are looking for a unique, small-scale woodworking business, you'll definitely want to visit the web site.

If you are not a woodworker yourself, but you have friends who are, please let them know about

If you have a Facebook page, I sure would appreciate you posting about the new web site there (I don't have a Facebook page). There is a button below for Facebook.

Sincere thanks,

Herrick Kimball


Michael Warwick said...

Very nice. How much approx. would the basic equipment cost? I'm thinking of setting up a friend who is unemployed with health issues.


Herrick Kimball said...

Basic equipment would be a table saw, router table, some blades and bits, and other small misc. I haven't given much thought to start up costs because I'm targeting woodworkers who have experience, and they usually already have some of the tools.

It would be a shame to set your friend up and find out he doesn't have what it takes to stick with the job and get it done. Making clothespins takes a lot of time and dedication to see the job through.

I would have him read the entire web site and see what he thinks. I try to be very honest about how much work is involved if someone wants to make a business of making clothespins.

Kev Alviti said...

In the UK we call them clothes pegs. You're right the ones you buy are normally rubbish and last just one year. I'm not sure people woudl pay that much for them over here though, it's a shame as I'm sure it would be a good thing to make and sell on the side - I have the technology!