For God & Country
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Casting Call

Dateline: 25 February 2015

There is a concept video for the show on Vimeo.
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As mentioned yesterday, I'm on a break from blogging. But I want to let you know about a new Christian-and-agrarian-focused television program that is in the works...

I found out about this program when I got an e-mail from Gator Henry at Nightwalker Entertainment yesterday. He wondered if I would be interested in being in the show that he hopes will be on the Discovery Channel. I explained to Gator that I am an introvert. The last thing I want is to be on television. Besides that, I'm sure I'm not a good fit for the project. 

So then he asked me if I knew anyone else who might be a good prospect for the new show. Offhand, I don't know of anyone (who isn't already in it). But I have this here blog, and a fair amount of readers here are Christians and agrarians. I told Gator that I was sure a lot of readers would be interested in knowing about the project, and there might even be some who would like to get involved.

In his first e-mail, Gator Henry told me, "The show is entitled “For God & Country” and will follow three-five families or groups of families living their faith out in unique, interesting, primitive, off-the-grid or other actionable ways because they believe its what God would have them do."

Gator also told me that he is a Christian and he has the best of intentions for the program. He says he believes the program, " will help many Believers that are thinking they're isolated in their thoughts, it will awaken others to the dire state of the country, and give the audience an understanding that Christians wanting to live their faith in reality and biblically actually exist, and are not crazy."

Furthermore, Gator understands that some people may want to maintain their privacy. He wrote, " Please let people know we can sign Non Disclosure Agreements that state we will not disclose their location nor their real names. We can change the names and say “Somewhere USA”.

Casting call information for the program is below. If you have an interest in this sort of thing, contact Gator Henry (information is at the bottom of the casting call). He can answer any questions you may have, and send you a link with a password to watch the concept video on Vimeo. 

Please understand that I am neither promoting nor endorsing this television project. I'm simply letting it be known. If you have any opinions about it, feel free to express them in the comments below.

For God & Country

Casting Call

North Carolina based & Christian Owned production company Light Walker Entertainment is now casting for a new unscripted Discovery Channel television series.

We are immediately seeking Christian families, or groups of families living in community, that are living unique, off-the-grid, agrarian or otherwise rustic/primitive, prepper or survival lifestyles, and are engaged in a unique vision, because they believe its what God wants them to do. This show will be a part of the NEW “AMERICAN HEROES” programming vision for Discovery Channel.
Here’s some examples of the types of families we’re seeking:

Those that want to live and operate outside of the Federal System and its Unconstitutional Actions; 

Families/groups that believe God wants His people to live in Community in accordance with the early Church found in the Book of Acts;

Families that live off the grid so as to remain free, to grow and raise and eat their own foods, not vaccinate their children, to not send their children to public schools, etc.; 

Those that are preparing for the Tribulation, an economic collapse, martial law, or a totalitarian takeover of our nation; 

Those that do not want to use the fiat Federal Reserve system and live by barter or otherwise live a subsistence or completely self sufficient lifestyle; We’re looking for families similar to those in shows such as “Alaska the Last Frontier” but that are living the way they are because of their faith. People that have a business, an end game, something they’re working to accomplish, such as: creating a communal living situation, developing a farm or natural foods business, developing their own form of currency, etc.)

If you or someone you know has a family that has members with dynamic characters, that are PUTTING THEIR FAITH IN ACTION to live and do something UNIQUE, we’d love to hear from you!

Please Call or Email Gator Henry at 704-804-0072 or 


deborah harvey said...

sounds like it could be unwise to open one's family to the attention of 'social workers' and their ilk.
especially the pro vaccination activists.

Herrick Kimball said...


Thanks for the comment.

I decided to post about this project without injecting my opinion into it. My thought being, that readers of this blog could formulate their own opinions, and I am hoping that more people will express them in this comments section.

When I come back from my blogging break (in one to two weeks) I will give my opinion, and share what I told Mr. Henry.

Thanks again for the comment.

CJ said...

If it's anything like that Utopia show, it doesn't have a chance. I thought the concept was a good idea especially with all the prepper stuff going on. But they cast a bunch of knuckle-heads with obviously forced/scripted drama as the center point of show. These reality shows were they show a scene and have the cast member describe it are a dime a dozen now. Time for something different. Picking the most eccentric families in Alaska for that show isn't helping it much either.

The BBC's Victorian Farm, now that was a good series.

Anonymous said...

Nice thought, but I personally wouldn't volunteer to expose my life to the masses. It's hard enough keeping local folks from overrunning my place sometimes! Being preparedness-minded, I don't care to lay it all out there, if you know what I mean! Changing people's names really does little to protect their identities these days, does it?

Deborah Stewart said...

I received a call once and a letter asking if I and my family would be interested in a reality show that would send you to parts unknown and start over living like the 1800s, I told them no , My family is grown,He said he saw my post on a blog ,forum talking about gardening and canning and living simply..would have been interesting .

RonC said...

My initial reaction was, "Why would I want to be a lightening rod?"

My other thought was seeing the line "Those that are preparing for the Tribulation..." I am pretty sure the rapture comes first and THEN the Tribulation. I am NOT planning to be around for the Tribulation! I plan to be watching it from a comfortable vantage point maybe, but I don't plan to live through it.

I did a quick Google search and don't come up with a lot of information. There is a website where one can supposedly click on links to see examples of his work and they are broken. I don't see anything resembling a Christian testimony. I'm a bit sceptical that this is legit. I'm suspecting a Dept. of Home Land Security ploy as a possibility.

David The Good from said...

In this day and age it would be crazy to go that public with your life. Lots of nuts out there.

As for the Tribulation, I believe the Great one already took place under Nero.

deborah harvey said...

ron c,
we are Eastern Orthodox and don't ascribe to 'rapture', but your last line refers to what i suspected when first i read of this attempt to get into other people's business. especially since any one with a pantry who goes to church is already on the government's 'terrorist' list.
they wouldn't know a terrorist from a turnip!

Deborah Stewart said...

I wonder why folks think that they are so perfect to be taken away and not have to go through trials and tribulation? Look in the other countries, many ,many people go through tribulation every day, get killed because they believe in G-d. so what would make others be better? maybe yours is when you die? I think the Bible says that he will separate the tares from the wheat first .

Anonymous said...

Deborah Stewart I had the same thought but it was pointed out to me that the tribulations we go through now are the making of satan and the unsaved who unknowingly do his bidding, where the end tribulation is the pouring out of Gods wrath on sinful man , and we have been saved from Gods wrath by faith in Christ .That made sense to me.Karen

Deborah Stewart said...

that makes sense,, I have been studying this for a while, not taking everything certain preacher say, seeking for myself... still learning...

RonC said...

When I am having trouble understanding parts of the Bible, I use this resource:

I am sorry if I offended in my previous post. I guess as long as we are not quibbling over John 3:16 and John 14:6, then how we interpret end times prophecies is a matter of choice....some will be more surprised than others...hopefully, pleasantly.

I believe the Great Tribulation is still in the future. That is the time when God pours out his wrath on a sinful, Christ rejecting world. I believe Karen nailed it in that the believers will not be present for that judgement.

Until that time comes, the only guarantee we have is in II Timothy 3:12

Deborah Stewart said...

I am not offended , I am interested, keep on....thanks