Eternal Vigilance
The Rising Police State

Dateline: 29 April 2015

We Americans are routinely lied to by our government and the government-controlled mainstream media. Official truth and reality are now what the government and media say they are, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. 

All manner of bogeymen have been presented to the American public as justification for turning America into a militarized police state. Fear is repeatedly used to manipulate people and take away freedom. 

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying that "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Vigilance in this respect means the act of keeping watch over government to make sure it does not assume powers and take away freedoms that are guaranteed by the founding documents and principles of our nation.

Vigilance is being suspicious of every new law and act of government, knowing that it is the natural tendency of all governments to consolidate power and control by the force of law, and, in so doing, exert tyranny while repressing personal freedom.

Vigilant Americans are now routinely labeled as "conspiracy theorists" and potential "terrorists." The government looks at vigilant Americans as a threat to the nation. Thomas Jefferson would surely be considered a threat to our present form of government (as it has become) if he were alive today, and believed the things he believed when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

John Whitehead, of The Rutherford Institute, is a man who take this matter of vigilance seriously. His recent essay, Turning America Into A Battlefield, is a concise and cogent summation of the seriousness of the American situation. I recommend it to you.


Dennis said...

I think it's safe to say that dark days are ahead. Enjoy your time with your grandson.

David The Good from said...

What I find most frustrating is that conservatives tend to side strongly with the militarized police, the spying, the prisons, the drug laws, the endless wars, etc. even though they should be opposed to such things based on their alleged Constitutional beliefs. I just don't get it.

deborah harvey said...

have you noticed that all the federal venom is being expended on the South?

i don't understand how young americans can reconcile themselves to being members of a gang that is intent on destroying the Constitution and destroying other americans.
if you were able to defend yourself from them you would be fighting other so-called americans.
deb h.

Anonymous said...

Once again, forget DC! Keep an eye on it, but do everything you can to reject it! The battle will be won (or lost!) in our localities, to include our families, our communities, and our churches. This will be more than enough of a fight, since the majority of our localities have given themselves over to the globalist/Industrialized economy likely controlled from some distance.

This ain't gonna be easy!

David Smith

PS - @deborah harvey: Without (hopefully!) behaving as if we Southerners are flawless and have a chip on our shoulders, I believe the venom continues being aimed at us because what vestiges of traditional American culture and community remain, are often found here in the South! This isn't exclusive to our region, but, let's face it, our ancestors had the unmitigated gall to commit "treason" against the growing corporatocracy in New England and now present throughout the US. After all, our ancestors fought exclusively for slavery, while theirs fought for their liberation, or so we are continually told. The regime has no interest in the full truth, keeping us forever on "the eternal seat of repentance." As long as they can maintain that narrative, or so they believe, they can maintain their control. Never mind the endless wars, the destruction and theft of our communities, local culture, and property. My only hope is that the fatal flaw in the edifice they've built will come tumbling down, just like the Tower of Babel, and that it won't be too painful for the rest of us!

Sheila Gilbert said...

Personally I believe that we are being shown the "writing on the wall" and no matter your arguments with the government, the world, whatever, it's time to quit fighting each other, north, south, democrat, republican etc. and see the signs for what they are. Danger! We already know that no one will ever stop them, and it's time to pay close attention to what God is telling us to do. No one's purpose will be the same, so whatever the message's are showing you to do, it's time to do them. One of the worse things we can do right now is, to continue to play the "blame game" and start living the life God expects from each one of us. We can live in fear and fighting, or as it is written, "be still and know that I am God" Listen to your inner soul, and let go of the confusion and "back stabbing" so many fall into today. We are often more interested in fighting with each other, and our views, than to see what God is showing us. Once you have an understanding of what is going on, it's time to act. Our eyes are open to how serious it is here, maybe it's time to ask God what we should do, and do it, and do it NOW! I especially like the ending to the link above.
Indeed, when viewed collectively, they leave one wondering what exactly the U.S. Government is preparing for and whether American citizens shouldn't be preparing, as well, for that eventuality when our so-called "government of the people, by the people, for the people" is no longer answerable to "we the people"
I answer to God, and I pray that I will walk in His will, no matter what happens.