Educating Futureman:
Wagon Assembly

Dateline: 1 May 2015

You're going to have to bear with me for awhile as I chronicle some of these moments of life with my grandson. He will be here for another week. 

Every kid in the country needs a wagon and Marlene and I bought a Grizzly children's wagon for Futureman last fall. Today, he and I put it together on the back patio. 

It was not a complicated project. I could have had it together myself in 10 minutes. But I was in no hurry. Futureman was involved in every aspect of the assembly. It took us probably an hour and a half to get it together, and the wood stake rack is yet to be bolted on.

The quality of this made-in-China wagon is not too high, but  it's actually made of steel, not plastic. And it was downright inexpensive.

After giving Futureman a ride around the yard, it occurred to me that he could give me a ride. He couldn't pull me on the driveway but, with enough effort,  he could push me. He managed to push me about 20 feet on the driveway, then off the edge, down a small incline onto the lawn.

I was laughing and he was laughing as we went down the slope. This was a great memory, and Marlene was there to click the picture. 

Futureman says he's going to give me another ride when he gets up from his nap.  :-)


Anonymous said...

It's all about love and these moments will be priceless memories.

Anonymous said...

Great memory and loads of fun, the kind money can never buy.

Gail said...

What a wonderful post about love, grandpas and grandchildren. You are making this time very special. He will not soon forget.

Tanya Murray said...

No-one warned me how fierce and pure the love is for the grandchildren. I feel so sorry for families distanced from each other. It's a completely different experience from having children. You go right ahead and revel in it and tell us all about it. I also find that I have all the time and patience in the world for my grandson - I wish I had had it for my own children back then, but circumstance and time is different with your own children and the mortgage is higher and career so all consuming. Old head on old shoulders now!

Herrick Kimball said...

You are right. I did not have the time and the patience for my own children that I do for this little guy. Trying to keep the bills paid was heavy on my mind.

Thank you, everyone.

Dennis said...

He's young and may not remember all the details when he is 30 or 50, but these special times both of you are sharing will build depth to your relationship and will provide a foundation for who he will become.

SharonR said...

Haha! Precious memories!

Anonymous said...

What's the weight limit on that there wagon anyways? haha ;)

Herrick Kimball said...

I don't know the weight limit, but Im pretty sure I exceed it.

Anonymous said...

This Grizzly holds 300 lbs.
It can hold the both of you!

Pam Baker said...

A delightful story of grandpa and grandson. Many blessings to you all.