My New E-Mail

Dateline: 21 June 2015

Mail delivery, as it once was
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I have had the same e-mail address, through a local company, for at least ten years. I would still have it if the company did not notify me last month that they were going out of business. 

I had to scramble to get a new e-mail, change my e-mail information with different businesses (Amazon, PayPal, Ebay, etc.), and then try to find every business-related web page with my e-mail on it in order to update it. 

Having the correct e-mail address on your web pages is particularly important when you have a mail order business that depends nearly 100% on the internet.

All of this has been a hassle, but I'm pretty much transitioned over (though I'm sure I've missed some changes on my web sites).

If you need to reach me, my new e-mail is: The old e-mail of no longer works.

Thank you.


SharonR said...

I do like to use local businesses when at all possible. Too bad they had to go out of business. I like your new email address, though. It's "so you". :-)

Sheila Gilbert said...

Thank you, just changed it too. Bless, Sheila