In A Graduation Speech

Dateline: 4 June 2015

The world is changing. Higher education isn't what it used to be. I think George Will is right on with this...


Elizabeth L. Johnson said...

Just like the dept. of education's common core curriculum for government schools, that is strictly a money-maker; so was the housing market, and the universities. Thanks for posting this!

Pam Baker said...

Excellent and needs to be common knowledge.

And not everyone needs to go to college. This country is woefully lacking skilled tradesman and laborers. Check out the Mike Rowe Foundation...called Mike Rowe Works Foundation at the website

A friend's daughter is going to Pace University in NYC. My friend is unemployed. Tuition is around $60,000/year. Her daughter's stated major is "Environmental Studies". I cannot imagine how she thinks she will ever pay back those loans.
In 1989, I paid approximately $950 a semester at the University of Connecticut for a degree in Nursing.
I had a strong and passionate desire to be a nurse because I went into the Army at 18 and discovered what I wanted to do. And I worked my way through school and got a ROTC scholarship.

My friend's daughter has exhibited no strong emotion about anything, much less environmental studies. What a ridiculous waste of time and money.

The world has gone mad.

At some times and in some ways, I am glad we weren't able to have children.

Herrick Kimball said...

Sad story and a good web site, Pam.

Here is a hot link for anyone who wants to check it out...

Mike Rowe's Profoundly Disconnected Web Site