American Gothic
(By Jax Hamlin)

Dateline: 12 September 2015

(click picture to see a larger view)

It's hard to believe that five years have gone by since I created a web site to let the world know about my friend and alter ego, Jax Hamlin, the amazing whimsical chicken artist. I myself have not even visited Jax Hamlin's Chickens in three years!

But today I went looking through my file of Jax Hamlin chicken art and it brought back memories of what I hoped to do with the Jax Hamlin site. 

I was looking specifically for a Hamlin original titled, "A Broiler's Highest Calling" to illustrate an upcoming blog post. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that most excellent piece of whimsical chicken art, but I did find the drawing pictured above, and I thought I would share "American Gothic Chickens" with you here today.

That particular picture is a work in progress, not the finished concept, but it's close, and good enough for a peek into an example of Jax Hamlin chicken art that the world has not yet seen. 

"American Gothic Chickens" is, of course, inspired by Grant Wood's iconic American Gothic painting. Jax is an admirer of American Gothic and got to thinking that there might be more to the painting than most people realize. He imagined what the painting might show if the curtain was not in that Gothic window in the background. 

(click picture to see larger view)


dfr2010 said...

Such a shame there is so little on Jax's blog. "A Broiler's Highest Calling" sounds like a fun picture ... I do know what a cull cockerel's highest calling looks and tastes like around here!

Elizabeth L. Johnson said...

Proud to be an official Jax Hamlin blog spot and chicken art follower, now!!! Thanks for posting so I would see the art and get a few laughs! So cute!! Tell Jax thanks, for me!