New Packaging...
For A New Whizbang Idea

Dateline: 4 September 2015

I am working these days on getting this year's "crop" of Classic American Clothespins finished and ready to sell. I hope to have them (or most of them) ready to sell later this month. But I'm also looking beyond the clothespins to a new product. 

I don't need to create a new product. I have more than enough to do managing and selling the Planet Whizbang products I already sell. But I have a creative and entrepreneurial urge that compels me to want to create new products. The fact is, creating new products is a whole lot more fun than droning away at selling them after they are created.

The new product is a tool for gardeners. I've searched the internet and Google images, thinking that such a tool must have already been made by someone in the past, but I haven't found evidence of it. 

There are a few tools on the market that do what my tool will do, but they are made of plastic and are not as downright simple in operation as what I will be producing. This new tool will be handcrafted by me and made to last more than one lifetime. My "mystery tool" for gardeners will be made out of wood and metal.

This new tool will sell for less than $20. My first production run of these tools will be 500. My first production run may also be my last production run. After making 500, I may not want to make any more. There is also the chance that 500 of these tools will be a lifetime inventory. One never knows for sure how a new product will be received.

While I'm not ready to reveal what the tool I've created is at this time, I am pleased to reveal the nifty telescoping tubes that I have purchased to package the tools in. The tubes (pictured above) were custom-made to my diameter and length specifications by a company in California. 500 tubes arrived here yesterday. 

Stay tuned....


Gail said...

I look forward to see your new invention.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is, but I already know I'm going to want one! I cant wait to find out what your mistery creation is!

-Rachel (Mrs. David The Good)

John D. Wheeler said...

I'm definitely intrigued... the big question for me is whether it does something that is useful to me. As long as it does, I am definitely interested.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to place my order. A new tool for gardeners and under $20.00 ~ I can't wait.

Everett R Littlefield said...

I'll send you $25 for whatever it is so I can get another Whizbang invention with the serial number 001!! Really Really. I want to corner the market on all the Kimball antiques I can while I'm still above the dirt.!

Just got my sweet potato curing box set up for the new batch when they are ready. Went down in my cellar to see if there were any left in stable condition. The last seven of them in the 4-5 lb. range are still hard as brickbats, so we boiled it up and it was as good as the originals. Thank you Mr Kimball for the steer to Mr. Ken Allan's book!.

Going to go collecting apples tomorrow so I can try out my grinder and press. About how many would you think will make a couple of gallons?

Pam Baker said...

Dear Mr. Kimball,
Well, it worked. We are all a twitter with sly dog you!
You need a business partner who enjoys the mundane so you can invent to your hearts content! Not that I'm applying for one such position. That person will have to have six arms to keep up with you!
Wishing you as much success with this venture as you desire and a pinch more to keep you hopping.
Do not keep us in suspense for too long.
And please put me down for two more packages of ready to assemble clothespins.
Might I take the liberty of adding my pleasure at your return to posting. It was a mighty dry summer. We know you were busier than a one-armed paper-hanger and we don't wish to make you feel remiss....we just flat out missed your presence!

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks, everyone.

So good of you to comment here!

For my part, I can't wait to find out about more about the mysterious new "adventure" that the Goodman family is planning, and Mr. Good's new garden exploits. ;-)

That makes sense. If you are a gardener, it will do something useful for you. More specifically, it makes a common gardening task easier.

#001 is yours. I won't be stamping a number directly on the tool (like I did with the Toe-Tappers), but I will put the production number for the first 100 on the outside of the tube. No need to pay extra.

Ken Allen's Sweet Potato book is a great resource. I wish it was more easily available in the US. I wrote him, asking if he would like me to make it available as a PDF download (and send him the income, less a small percentage), but no response. Not surprising since I'm a stranger to him. Maybe he has, or will make, arrangements with a larger concern to get it more widely marketed.

Unfortunately, I did not grow sweet potatoes this year!

I can't remember the cider yield per bushel. Seems like it was at least 3+ gallons. Depends on the apples to some degree.

Herrick Kimball said...

Thanks for the nice words. I don't want to build this new garden tool up too much. It's actually very simple. But it is definitely a tool that I have personally found to be very useful in my gardening this year.

As for the clothespins, I'm sorry to say that the assemble-them-yourself kits will not be available this year. I developed the kits as a way to sell clothespin halves that were a little less than perfect. The first year, I had a lot of kits to sell. Last year, far fewer. And this year, none. :-(

A one-arm paper hanger is a great visual. I'm glad to be back at blogging more regularly.

Robin Harris said...

Whatever it is you're making, put me on the list! I want one! :D

Elizabeth L. Johnson said...

Herrick, I think I remember about Mr. Ken Allan of the sweet potato book, on his site it indicated he is trying to live with newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis, or some other sort of sad disease. Maybe he's not communicating like he once did because of that.