Old Tools

Dateline: 29 October 2015

If you love old tools, as I do (agrarian and otherwise), you need to go to the Martin J. Donnelly web site and sign up for their twice-weekly e-mail newsletter. You won't be disappointed. 

The corn sheller above was sold by Donnelly Auctions and featured in their most recent newsletter.


Dan Grubbs said...

I just killed about two hours drooling over tools listed at the various auctions at the website.

vdeal said...

Fortunately, growing up on a farm with a long history of farm background we still have some of the old farm tools. My grandfather had a corn sheller very similar to the one pictured and I believe it's still in the family. My brother and I have his old winnowing mill. Unfortunately the McCormick cream separator was sold years ago but my Mom did pick up another one. Those things are real pieces of engineering and do a great job. As a kid I loved watching all of these old tools do there things. Early industrialism for sure but mechanically simple machines that could be rebuilt and did free up some manual labor. Oh, just remembered, my uncles set up their own grain mill using old Farmall tractors running the mill with drive belts. Thanks for the memories.