Whizbang Cidermaking
Part 1
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Dateline: 19 October 2015

Cider season comes and goes kind of quick and I didn't want it to go by this year without getting a YouTube video about Whizbang cidermaking done. I finished Part 1 this morning (it took nearly 12 hours to upload to YouTube). 

I have to admit that I rushed the filming and heavily edited the content (to get the time much shorter than it would otherwise have been). I have a lot to learn about making a good video, but I think I'm getting a little better at it each time. The main point is to show and tell the story as clearly as I can. And, hopefully, sell more Whizbang Cidermaking plan books.

The most endearing part of this little movie is the last part, where my grandson (Futureman) grinds a bunch of apples all by himself. 

Futureman was here for a week earlier in the month and learned all about making apple cider. He really enjoyed the process. Hopefully it can be something of a "tradition" for him and me in years to come. And if it is, he will have a great lifetime memory that he can look back on long after I'm gone.

Teaching my grandson agrarian ways and making good memories together, when we can, is my objective.


Susan Humeston said...

You're right - the highlight is Futureman. I got nervous a little watching him try to use his fingers once or twice, but then he picked up the "Persuader" and used that. I think it is wonderful that he is learning things most children never do, and are too protected to learn. He is adorable and one lucky boy.

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Susan,

I was watching him real close to make sure he understood what I told him about not putting his fingers down into the grinding chamber. At one point in the clip, you can see him gently push an apple half into the opening without getting his fingers in. I think you are right in that so many kids are overprotected.

Which brings to mind the time I let my firstborn son have a jackknife. I told him how to use it safely. He was pretty young and my wife was uncomfortable about it. I remember her saying, "He might cut himself." To which I replied, "He probably WILL cut himself. And it will be a learning experience."

Michael Warwick said...

Heck I'm 68 and have cut myself with every knife, box cutter, ice pick, can opener and just about everything that has a sharp edge. And every time it was a learning experience, never do it twice the same way. Never lost a digit, but came close twice on the same digit. I've learned good first aid, but it's hard to bandage one handed.

Pam Baker said...

That was excellent Mr. Kimball. Having spent the better part of yesterday making 52 quarts of applesauce...cutting apples is something with which I am well experienced. Might I recommend an apple wedger? http://www.goodcook.com/images/72011_A_520.jpg
In one movement the apple can be wedged and is slightly more efficient. And while I'd like to say it's safer than wielding a long blade, alas I bear evidence to the contrary.
I still have a Jumbo Wagon from Northern Tool FULL of apples and I believe I will attempt cider for the first time. Your video is a large part of that decision. I find, for myself, that it is so much easier to watch someone do something firsthand or by video before attempting it myself.
Excellent video. Looking forward to Part II. (And good work with FM)
Pam Baker

Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Pam,

A friend of mine has a couple of heavy duty lever action french fry cutters mounted on a post. One person feeds the apples into the cutter while the other levers the cutter down and the strips of apple fall into buckets. He makes cider with lots of help. That's another idea. Glad you are inspired by the video. I hope to get Part 2 done in a week or so. The videos will, I hope, inspire a lot of people to make their own cider in coming cider seasons.

That's a lot of applesauce you made! One quart for each week of the year. Nice.

By the way, you can make applesauce with the Whizbang apple grinder. I should try making a movie about that next year...maybe. I've written about it at WhizbangCider.com

Pam Baker said...

Very interesting idea...the french fry cutter. But I work alone. Everyone LOVES my applesauce, however nobody wants to help. That's why I made 52 quarts instead of my usual 70 or 80. My sister uses a quart a week with which to take her meds.
I thought about making applesauce from the cider leavings. I steam juiced some apples a few weeks ago for 12 quarts of juice to make jelly. The leavings looked as if they would make sauce.
I'll have to delve further into your website.
By the way, your clothespins arrived in record time and are happily at work. Now I can get rid of those substandard ones.

Was wondering...have you noticed that it was a banner year for apples in your neck of the woods? Everyone's trees up here have been super abundant. Breaks my heart to see so many trees go unpicked. Asked a neighbor if I could pick his neglected trees and share some of the results but he never responded. Wish I was sneaky/brave/intrepid enough to just pick 'em. I just can't do it despite the heartache over the waste.
People do go on so around here about hunger and look what waste hangs in front of their faces completely unseen.
Well, off to peruse yor site.

Fabric Fanatic said...

I just wanted to let you know that I used my Planet Whizbang clothes pins today to hang out one set of sheets, pillowcases, and nightgowns over at my auntie's house on her clothesline (the landlord won't allow one here). My bedroom smells like fresh air and sunshine now, and I can hardly wait til bedtime!

Herrick Kimball said...

Fabric Fanatic,

That's neat!

In an e-mail to me you wrote that "the last time I slept on sheets that were hung on the line was 1962...53 years ago."

I'm letting readers know that because it gives some perspective to your comment.

Thank you.