Opening Day

Dateline: 6 January 2016 AD

The Glenside Diner opened up for business at 6:00 this morning, as scheduled. I'm usually up well before 6:00 am but this morning I slept in. My mind was finally at ease and, frankly, my body was exhausted. The past couple of weeks of new-diner preparation have been kind of intense around here. 

It isn't just me. Marlene poured herself into this project too.  And James & Bekah were noticeably run down. Last night around 10:30 they left our house with a bunch of freshly-printed Glenside Diner breakfast and lunch menus. 

They're young. They can bounce back from exhaustion quickly. But Marlene and I don't bounce back like we once did. We need a few days to recover.

Just about everything around here was put on hold while we focused on helping to get the diner all ready for today's opening. As a result, our house is a mess, my shop is a mess, my work vehicle is a mess, and I'm behind with all sorts of projects. Fortunately, it's winter and my Planet Whizbang business is experiencing it's yearly slow time. There is no way I would have had time to help with the diner renovations if it were any other season of the year. So that worked out nicely.

Unless something breaks at the Glenside, I don't expect to be down there too much. I do plan to make a simple website for the diner, but that's no big deal. 

Marlene went down there today for lunch (she's a regular customer) and she messaged me that they were real busy. That's good news. 

And that's that.


K.Grossman said...

Congratulations! Wishing your kids a world of success in their new venture.

SharonR said...

Such good news. Very happy for them.

chipmunk said...

Well done! I know that was and is a big job, and wish them all the best. Glad to hear it's started off well.

Chris said...

I suspected that would be the sign design, you'd all choose from the four options. It was the most eye catching.

Well done to all the labourers while we watched from the sidelines. ;)