Pa Mac's New Movie

Dateline: 4 February 2016 AD

Pa Mac and his dog

I had an opportunity to watch Pa Mac's new movie over the last two nights. The movie is Volume 1 of The Farm Hand's Companion Show. It is over two hours long and tells the story of how Pa Mac built himself a barn (with workshop), but it's not your typical modern barn. It's a barn like Pa Mac's grandfather (the original Pa Mac) would have built back in his day.  This YouTube Clip gives you an idea what the movie is about.

Personally, I was involved in the construction of quite a few pole barns in my younger years. The pole barns I built were made with pressure treated poles and lumber bought from a lumber yard. But Pa Mac built his barn using wood from trees on his land. He milled all his own lumber for framing and siding using a chainsaw. In other words, he did it the hard way. But the amazing thing is that he did something that few men do in this day and age— he built his own barn, with his own hands, using trees from his own land. And it's a truly fine barn.

Pa Mac is clearly a man of many talents, some of which are only hinted at in the movie. I'm referring to old-time talents. But Pa Mac also has the modern technical skills to create a very professional movie. I can imagine that the production time put into making this movie must have come close to the many hours it took to build the barn.

As I was watching the movie, I jotted down words that came to mind about it. Here they are (in no particular order)...

Great Music!

One odd feature of this movie is that it is a silent film; you don't hear PaMac say a single word. There are subtitles. The concept works remarkably well.

I think this film would be particularly good for younger boys and teens because it promotes the ideas of down-to-earth resourcefulness, creativity, and hard work. To see one man craft his own barn with basic tools, using trees from his own land, is a lesson well worth introducing the younger generation (at some point, I hope to watch this movie with my grandson). 

But don't get the idea that this movie is just for kids. I'm 58 years old and, frankly, I think this first film project of Pa Mac's is better than 99.9% of the movies put out by Hollywood!

If you are not yet familiar with Pa Mac, I encourage you to check out Pa's web site: The Farm Hand's Companion. And if you haven't seen any of Pa Mac's YouTube videos, be sure to check them out too: Pa Mac on YouTube.

Pa Mac's Handcrafted Barn and Workshop


Unknown said...

I just would like to add, if I may. I have had the opportunity to visit with Pa Mac in person, as well as in numerous emails and phone conversations. I would comment that he is the real deal! What you see in his videos, on his website and in his writings is not, "Just for Show" as many today are doing in an attempt to cash in on the recent popularity of the homesteading movement. This man believes in what he is doing passionately and is doing his very best to live it as well. He has not only done the research, but he has put in the time to practice and learn the skills required to accomplish what those that came before us did as a matter of necessity on a small farm.
I look around at some of the old technology being lost and it bothers me at what is being lost. Men (and women) like Pa Mac, and yes, Herrick I must include you in this list, people who truly believe in the life they are living and the simple pursuits of a self sufficient agrarian life, gives me great hope, that all is not lost to this new world we live in, which many call Progress??
Sincerely, Muleman

Unknown said...

I thoroughly enjoy his video's and have recommended them to many folks. Nice write up Mr. Kimball.
Are you experiencing snow or spring weather like us southern Vermonters?