I'm Making Planet Whizbang Grape-Trellis Connectors

Dateline: 16 April 2016

A just-made Whizbang Grape Trellis T-Connector
(click to see an enlarged view)

Three years ago, with the publication of my Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners, I revealed an idea I developed for making a simple, solid, freestanding grape trellis of any length using common, inexpensive T-posts. 

My new concept for a grape trellis is kind of revolutionary because it doesn't require all the work and expense of putting in heavy posts, stakes and angled guy wires on the ends (to keep a span of wire stretched  tight).

 The key component for making a Whizbang T-post grape trellis span is the grape trellis T-connector (pictured above). The T-connector is a simple configuration of metal hardware pieces that I show how to make in the book. CLICK HERE to see how the connectors are used to make a trellis span.

For those people who aren't inclined to make their own grape trellis T-connectors, I make and sell them, and that's what I've been doing in my workshop this past week.

I have sold hundreds of these special connectors in the last three years, and I like to imagine all those Whizbang Grape trellis spans out there full of ripe fruit...

Ripe Concord grapes from my own vines.
(T-post in background)

My experience has been that grapes are easy to grow. In fact, they grow like a weed.... a beautiful, fruit-laden weed. If you have ever thought you would like to grow some grapes, now is the time to get them planted. And if you want a dependable, simple-to-make grape trellis, check out my freestanding grape trellis idea in the book and at the web site link above. CLICK HERE if you would like to purchase some already-made connectors.

It seems like everything these days is made out of plastic and ends up in the landfill a few years after it's made. But  not these Planet Whizbang Grape Trellis T-connectors! Except for two internal rubber bushings, these beauties are all metal. They will, in time get a little rusty, but they are made to last for decades.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Herrick, I was wondering how your onion experiment is going?

Herrick Kimball said...


I'm wondering that myself, and It's a coincidence that you ask this. I expect to dig into my clamped onions tonight, and take some pictures. Stay tuned.