A Sabbatical Update
And Biblical Agrarianism

Dateline: 16 September 2005

Hi Everyone,

I'm still taking time off from blogging, but I am compelled to come back and let you know about some new and thought provoking Christian-Agrarian writings I've recently discovered on the internet. Here's an excerpt:

"Agrarianism [is] the only proper seedbed for Christianity. Where Christianity has existed in an Agrarian culture, it has thrived and produced ample fruit. Where it has existed nominally in a non-agrarian culture, it has produced no fruit at all except apostasy. Examples abound...."

That quote comes from Michael Bunker. He has posted two essays that I recommend to you. One is Agrarianism vs Urbanism and the other is Towards A Biblical-Agrarian Culture.

Mr. Bunkers web site, BiblicalAgrarianism.com is worth bookmarking.

As for me, in my haitus from blogging here I have managed to get a lot of work done on the house. I also purchased a nice BCS rototiller (actually a walk-behind tractor with tiller attachment) to help with my garlic planting next month (I've been gardening and growing garlic without a tiller of my own for several years now). And I've been working on the web site that I want to put together to sell my agrarian books. I have decided to name the web site, The Deliberate Agrarian (see TheDeliberateAgrarian.com) instead of "Whizbang Books," (WhizbangBooks.com) which was my original plan. Once the site is up and running I plan to return to blogging here.

For those who are first time visitors here, please be sure to check out this blog for a sampling of stories from "the best of" The Deliberate Agrarian.

Best agrarian wishes to you all,

Herrick Kimball