The Agrarian Moneychanger

Dateline: 6 November 2005

“If there is one idea I want you to take home today, it is this:  community is essential to agrarianism.  To take up an agrarian life style, we must build communities, and these communities must leaven the rest of our society, because the modern world has gone so far wrong that it cannot be corrected; it must be rebuilt.”

The above quotation is from Franklin Sanders and it begins his story titled, The Leaven Community & The Agrarian Ideal. I recommend it to you.

Mr. Sanders is a christian-agrarian farmer and has been a gold & silver dealer for many years. His web site is called The Moneychanger.

With the spectre of inflation (or worse) looming in this country, many people are putting some of their savings into precious metals. If you have considered this but have not done so, read the Moneychanger’s 10 Commandments For Buying Gold & Silver.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Sander's statement that to be agrarian is to need communities. Now my wife and I desire to become agrarian and have always realized that we don't want to do it alone. Do you have any information about communities that are out there that accept others into the fold so to speak? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Grace and Peace,


Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Eric,

I'm sure there are Christian communities out there but I know nothing about any of them. I have been wondering the same thing.

I think Pastor McConnell, the "Rural Missourian" may have something like a Christian Agrarian community happening around his church. The same appears to be the case with Michael Bunker down in Texas.

I think that patience and prayer are much needed when considering this. I'm not inclined to think I should move away from where I hvae lived for the past 30 years. But that may be necessary.

Joseph said...

Thanks for the reminder of this older article Herrick. Having had personal email contact with Mr. Sanders I can attest to what a wonderful man he is. He was one of the people in the 2003 time frame that provided information for me, with the Lord's leading, to make the decision to almost completely walk away from the stock market and put our small retirement into gold and silver.