Apple Seed Theology

I recently happened upon a simple little down-to-earth illustration that speaks volumes about the awesome greatness of the Lord Most High. It is jam packed with God-glorifying theology. Here it is:

Anyone can count how many seeds are in an apple. But only God can count how many apples are in a seed.

I plan to share that profound and thought provoking nugget of wisdom with my children soon (next time we have cider or applesauce or anything with an apple in it provides the opportunity) and I will do so many more times in the future. I will even, Lord willing share it with my grandchildren one day too. And when I am dead and gone, I hope the generations to follow will continue to tell their children.

Perhaps you’ll want to share it with your children too.


Scott Holtzman said...

That's some theology I can - "sink my teeth in to! All kidding aside, it's a great thought in conveying spiritual principles with others. Good going!

Anonymous said...

There is a small object lesson which fits nicely with this. Most of us slice an apple from stem to stern. Instead, slice it through the middle and see the 'star' holding the seeds that God placed there.